27 Mar 2008

Bougainville Government says tension still high in south after killings

8:24 pm on 27 March 2008

In the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville, the Autonomous Government says the south of the main island remains tense but under control after a weekend clash left three dead.

The dead were members of the Me'ekamui faction which fought with the so called Wisai Liberation Front - a group which has close links with the ABG.

The President of the ABG, Joseph Kabui, says the Me'ekamui had strayed into the territory occupied by the Wisai group, despite an agreement to stay away.

"We have tried to get all sides to follow a peace by peaceful means approach, but of course, human beings are human beings. When people feel they have been trampled upon, anybody can easily take up arms and this what we are caught up in right now."

Bougainville President Joseph Kabui, who says a campaign focussing on reconciliation and gun disposal, and set to run throughout this year, is going very well, despite incidents such as this.