10 Jun 2009

Pitcairn Islanders say new changes not in their interest - says US based researcher

11:09 am on 10 June 2009

A U.S. based researcher says some Pitcairn Islanders have voiced their dismay on new changes to the island's governance saying it is not in their interest.

New management structures on the island came into effect in April with legislation in the pipeline to update the island's judicial structure.

The director of the California based Pitcairn Islands Study Centre, Herbert Ford has criticised the move says Britain wants to give the impression it's giving its overseas territories greater freedom in deciding their own futures, when it's not.

"They have too little freedom to live their lives according to the best interest of the island itself and everything is looked at through the eyes of a Britisher who has been appointed from London and sits 4,000 miles away from them and really doesn't understand all the problems there are on this island."

Herbert Ford

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