1 Sep 2017

Hundreds to speak only Te Reo in September

From Morning Report, 7:47 am on 1 September 2017

The annual Mahuru Māori Challenge has begun and more than 600 people have committed to speaking only in Te Reo Māori for either one full day, week, or the entire month, regardless of who they speak to or where it's spoken.

Rhonda Reedy-Tibble, a Te Reo teacher at Auckland Girls Grammar, has committed to speaking only Te Reo for the entire month of September.

"I recognise that, my goodness, this is how my grandmother felt when most people around her wouldn't speak Māori because she could only speak Māori. I'd never actually thought what it must have felt like for her to be only Māori speaking in a sea of Māori and Pakeha who only want to speak English."

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