22 Mar 2008

The Making of Tuwhare (Part 2) on Musical Chairs

From Musical Chairs, 4:15 pm on 22 March 2008

In this second part of a three programme series on the making of the Tuwhare CD, Lynn Freeman joins producer and singer/songwriter Charlotte Yates as she works on her own musical interpretation of a poem by the iconic Maori poet. You'll also meet some of the musicians she has invited to set Hone's poetry to music, among them Mahinerangi Tocker, Hinemoana Baker and Goldenhorse. Hone Tuwhare was the first Maori poet to have published his work in English, with 'No Ordinary Sun' coming out in 1964. His writing was celebrated with numerous accolades ranging from an honorary doctorate, courtesy of the University of Otago, to receiving one of the inaugural Prime Minister's Awards for Literary Achievement in 2003. He was named as an Arts Foundation of New Zealand Icon Artist in 2003. He died in Dunedin on 16 January 2008.