16 Oct 2012

Uni says man went to lengths to pose as medical student

8:18 pm on 16 October 2012

The University of Auckland says a man who posed as a medical student for two years used a high level of deception to fool his classmates, lecturers and even his family.

The man in his 20s has been banned from the university for pretending to be a third-year student after failing to get a placement on the course in 2010.

His ruse was discovered when he used his name on a joint assignment that did not match class records.

The university says the man went to lengths to deceive his lecturers, fellow classmates whom he socialised with, and even his own family.

It says the man never had one-on-one contact with patients, but had about 10 hours of anatomy training where human bodies are dissected.

The head of the medical programme, Associate Professor Warwick Bagg, says a review has begun into how the man gained entry into buildings. It is believed he used an ID badge.

The university is seeking legal advice on whether a crime has been committed and says it will gather evidence before referring the man to police.

It has issued a trespass notice on him and apologised over the matter.