Wednesday 17 October 2012, with Eva Radich

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

Alieksey Vianna

12:15 PM.Switzerland-based Brazilian Guitarist touring NZ on behalf of the New Zealand School of Music and the Brazilian Embassy.

Susan Frykberg

12:45 PM.Susan explores electro-acoustic protest music.

Casey Gsell and Alison Jepson

1:03 PM.Founding members of the New Zealand Double Reed Society talk about this weekend's conference in Auckland.

12:15 Aliéksey Vianna

Brazilian guitarist presenting a concert, forum and masterclass at the New Zealand School of Music

12:40 Susan Frykberg

Upbeat electroacoustic music contributor on the work of Gary Di Benecdetto

1pm Casey Gsell and Alison Jepson

Bassoonist and oboist hosting the Double-Reed Society conference in Auckland

NZ Double Reed Society