Science & Factual


Advancing Sustainability

A series of five public panel discussions from the PCE20 Environmental Sustainability Conference.

Are Angels OK

A series of programmes arising from a collaboration between eminent New Zealand writers and physicists.

Big Data

A discussion series chaired by Kim Hill exploring the nature and implications of big data and how it may serve as a tool in facing the challenges of the current era.

Big Science

Justin Gregory accompanied the winners of the 2009 Royal Society of New Zealand's Big Science Adventure competition on their trip to visit astronomers and other scientists in the UK and Italy.


Kim Hill talks with some of Britain's top scientists.

But Is It Science?

Kim Hill and a panel of experts explore the issues around alternative medicine.

Colour and Invisibility

Lectures by Dr Philip Ball, a freelance science writer, broadcaster and lecturer who's particularly interested in the interactions of the sciences, the arts, and the wider culture.


A reconstruction from contemporary accounts and eyewitnesses, made in February 1981 by Jack Perkins, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Hawkes Bay earthquake.


A six-part series that explores, reveals and celebrates the many factors that support life on this planet.

Election Referendum Forum

Hosted by Nigel Roberts, this forum explores issues and questions about the 2011 referendum on New Zealand’s voting system, recorded in front of an audience at Te Papa.

Evolution: The Real Genesis

Professor Lloyd Geering outlines the way modern scientists have been revealing the story of how we humans came to be here on planet earth.

Fault Lines

A feature about the residents of Canterbury, beginning at the moment when they were jolted awake at 4.35am on Saturday 4 September, and exploring what happened in the days and weeks which followed.


Flavour comprises taste, aroma, odour, pungency and mouthfeel. Amelia Nurse takes Justin to chef Ryan Tattersal’s restaurant Cobar in Days Bay to discuss these elements of taste and conduct related experiments on the unsuspecting Carol Davidson.

Gene genie

It’s just a matter of time until we decipher the whole human genome and let the genie out of the bottle. BBC 4 science presenter and geneticist Dr Adam Rutherford looks at the implications for sex, paternity, medicine, weight control, food, species restoration and perhaps even human survival.


A weekly programme exploring a range of philosophical, social, historical and environmental ideas.

In the Goldilocks Zone

A six-part series about climate, life, extinction, the great migrations, the rise of civilization, human diseases, and asks the Big Question: what happens now?

Islamic State: Implications for NZ

A public forum at Parliament’s Grand Hall organised by Diplosphere on the rise of the self-styled Islamic State and whether New Zealand’s decision this week to send troops to Iraq can help to address their extremism.

Jack Perkins Retrospective

A series celebrating the work of New Zealand’s premier radio documentary producer.


Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.

Missing Something

Missing Something looks at abilities and senses that some people don't have, and how it affects them.

Monumental New Zealand

Justin Gregory explores our nation’s fascination with monuments, memorials, plaques and statues.

Naked Science

Radio New Zealand National, and BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Naked Scientists’, in conjunction with The Science Media Centre, are producing two lively one hour shows in Auckland and Wellington to be broadcast around the world.

Ngā Uruora

A six-part series paralleling the 1995 book: Ngā Uruora - The Groves of Life Ecology and History in a New Zealand Landscape by Geoff Park.


Unfurling fresh ideas and sounds along with the best radio documentaries and features from here and overseas.

Nine to Noon in Antarctica

In early December 2011 Nine to Noon's presenter Kathryn Ryan and producer, Caitlin Cherry were invited by Antarctica New Zealand to visit Scott Base on Ross Island in Antarctica.

Our Changing World

Our Changing World covers topics across all scientific disciplines, natural history and environmental issues, and developments in health as well as exploring the human side of science and the personalities behind it.

Pole To Pole

This three-part documentary series marks the International Polar Year 2007-2008 by exploring some of the world’s most remote and vulnerable regions.

Saturday Morning

A magazine programme with feature interviews on current affairs, science, literature, music and more.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum

A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum, as part of the popular LATE at the Museum evenings.

Solander's Legacy

There were two botanists on the Endeavour when it arrived in New Zealand in 1769. But only one - Joseph Banks - got all the press coverage. Justin Gregory asks who was the other botanist?

Sunday Morning

Discussion, features and ideas until midday.

Talking Heads

The Royal Society Science Lecture Series, hosted by Kim Hill.

The Age of Resilience

Public panel discussions around the theme of climate change and society, chaired by Kim Hill.

The Darwin Lectures

Eminent New Zealand scientists explore the ideas of Darwin and their impact on society over the last 150 years.

The E=mc2 Lectures

A series of lectures from the Royal Society in association with Radio New Zealand to mark the centenary of Albert Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity in 2005.

The Galileo Lectures

A lecture series marking 400 years since Galileo used a telescope to view the solar system and transformed our understanding of Earth’s place in the Universe.

The Rutherford Memorial Lecture

The Rutherford Lecture is one of the Royal Society of New Zealand's premier annual lecture, delivered in honour of New Zealander Ernest Rutherford, nobel prize winner and president of the Royal Society of London.

The Stars are Comforting

The letters of Beatrice Hill Tinsley (1941-1981)

The Transit of Venus Lectures

A series of lectures from 2004 covering the broad themes related to the Transit of Venus.

The Weekend

Music, sport, media, travel, and the people and places around us.

This Way Up

This Way Up - slices of life for curious minds

Two Views of Creation

British Nobel Laureate Sir Paul Nurse looks at two views of creation.

V-Ger: The story of the Voyager Golden Records

When NASA realized that the Voyager space probes being launched in 1977 would eventually travel beyond the edge of our solar system, they decided to include some kind of message to any intelligent aliens who might one day find them

Watching The Whales in Vava'u, Tonga

Justin Gregory visits Tonga for an ocean field trip with scientist Kirsty Russell from the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium.

Windows On The World

International public radio features and documentaries.


Antarctica on Our Changing World

A collection of Our Changing World stories about Antarctica.

Birds - Ngā Manu

From our mountain parrot, the kea, to the bush-dwelling pipipi, to the urban house sparrow, a collection of bird stories and songs.

Birds on Our Changing World

A collection of Our Changing World stories featuring New Zealand birds.

Birdwatching with This Way Up

Finding out about New Zealand's birds with birdwatcher Hugh Robertson.

Books on Our Changing World

A collection of book-based Our Changing World stories.


Reflections on the philosophy, science, economics and psychology of happiness.

New Zealand's most popular drugs and medicines

John Ashton takes a closer look at some of New Zealand's most commonly prescribed medicines.

Off the Beaten Track

The great outdoors with outdoorsman, adventurer, travel journalist, photographer Kennedy Warne.


Out and about with pest controller Paul Chapman dealing with some real life pest problems.

Rakiura Stewart Island

A seven part series by Lynn Freeman about Stewart Island's conservation efforts, its kiwi and the tourism levy.

Remembering Sir Paul Callaghan

An archive of lectures, interviews and discussions with this eminent scientist.


Robots, androids, automata, cyborgs artificial intelligence...

Sourdough 101

Neville Chun teaches Simon how to make sourdough from home.

Spineless Wonders

Spineless Wonders on Our Changing World.

Spirit of Mawson

Veronika Meduna joins scientists for the Spirit of Mawson expedition as they explore the subantarctic islands

The Best of 2014 - Country Life

The Best of Country Life 2014

The hormone rollercoaster

A series exploring the symptoms, treatment and the science of menopause.

World Wide Web

A selection of interviews about the World Wide Web, its inception and influence on our lives and society.