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Premiere: Dudley Benson - ‘Muscles (Murderbike Remix)’

Dudley Benson

Here's your first listen to a song from Dunedin-based musician Dudley Benson's forthcoming record, Zealandia.

New Horizons, new music

Album cover art of entwined legs.

William Dart reviews recent albums from Father John Misty, Courtney Barnett and Stealing Sheep. For real.

New Music: Florence and The Machine

Florence and The Machine

Melody Thomas navigates How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful from Florence and The Machine, and catches a glimpse of Florence at her most human.

The secret life of band names

Sam Scott

The artist currently known as Samuel Scott with a story of identity, self, and how musicians see themselves, hide themselves and reveal themselves.

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Charlie Kahaki- Matariki

Selected by Radio Ngāti Porou- Charlie Kahaki performs the waiata 'Matariki', written by Tumanako Kururangi.

From Radio NZ National Music on 07 Jul 2015

Introducing Gasp

Gasp's single You Know

From Introducing on 04 Jul 2015

Christoph El' Truento 2015

Beat-maker turned experimental sound artist Christoph El Truento talks Emma Smith through his chaos-embracing creative process, which includes homemade shakers, ping pong on kick drums and fist fulls of white sage.

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015

Rob Ruha live at Te Mahurehure Marae

To mark Matariki, singer-songwriter and APRA Maioha award-winner Rob Ruha embarked on Matariki on the Move, a traveling concert series that has been visiting marae and community halls. His first stop was Te Mahurehure Marae in Auckland and captured by Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston.

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015

Headquarters: Rackets

Auckland's Racket's are in the middle of a 20 date tour of Auckland, in support of their new album, Walking the Skeleton which came out last week. Emma Smith visits Rackets at their central Auckland HQ ahead of the tour, for a tour and a test drive of their acoustic set.

From Headquarters on 04 Jul 2015

End of the Alphabet

End of the Alphabet Records has existed for less than a year, but the Auckland experimental music label already has a very high profile around the globe. Craig Hayes meets the crew at the label and the theory behind all their noise.

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015

Eyeliner - Buy Now

After an unfortunate knee injury during a Disasteradio set led Luke Rowell to create Eyeliner, a project in rooted vapourwave - a fledgling genre obsessed with nostalgia for 80s/90s capitalism and smooth electronic sounds. Zac Arnold talks to Eyeliner upon the release of his fourth album entitled Buy Now.

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015


The presence of Los Angeles, California is keenly felt on Wildheart, the new record from soul and R&B Los Angeleno, Miguel, a 12-song set that fixes its lens on life in La La Land. The LA native talks to Sam Wicks about how a move back West became the jump-off for his latest genre-hopping set. [participants] Sam Wicks, Miguel

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015

Apple Music Roundtable

The M101 team and guests take Apple Music for a test drive to let you know whether it lives up to the hype.

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015

Land of the Long White Stain

Land of the Long White Stain is a short film documenting the travels and performances of an Aotearoa tour by Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, Seth Frightening, I.E. Crazy and Shab Orkestra. Zac Arnold is with director Claire Duncan to discuss the difficulties of capturing the essence of live performance and what it means to be a musician on the margins.

From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Jul 2015

WOMAD 2015 Episode 1

Featuring two of Africa's finest musical exports. Youssou N'Dour performed a set that delighted a capacity crowd closing the opening night at this year's sold out Festival. Also featured is an electrifying performance from a band hailing from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo - Jupiter & Okwess International.

From Radio NZ National Music on 03 Jul 2015

NZ Live - Avalanche City

Auckland folk musician Dave Baxter performs live in the Auckland music studio.

From New Zealand Live on 03 Jul 2015

Whiri Tū Aka- Matariki

Selected by Radio Kahungunu- Whiri Tū Aka perform their waiata, 'Matariki', written by Gaynor Rikihana (Ngāti Raukawa) and Keri Takao (Te Atiawa, Ngai Tūhoe, Ngāti Rārua).

From Radio NZ National Music on 02 Jul 2015

Toni Huata- Matariki

Selected by Te Ūpoko o Te Ika- Toni Huata (Ngāti Kahungunu, Rongowhakāta) performs her waiata 'Matariki'.

From Radio NZ National Music on 02 Jul 2015

The secret life of musical injuries

Now you wouldn't often associate exercise and sport with music. But in this week's Secret Life of Musical Injuries Yadana Saw learns that warming up, stretching, coordination and exercise are key when avoiding injury onstage or offstage in any genre of music.

From The Secret Life Of on 27 Jun 2015

Sonorous Circle

Record labels are machines of hype, or at least they used to be. Some labels seem to exist for more esoteric reasons. Bring the right music together under the same label and strange alchemy can happen. Samuel Scott certainly found that to be the case at Sonorous Circle.

From Radio NZ National Music on 27 Jun 2015

Matariki Place Stories

Emma Smith takes a walk around Papakura with Maggie Buxton, curator of Place Stories (Matariki), an app that triggers site specific soundworks from local artists.

From Radio NZ National Music on 27 Jun 2015

Introducing Ashes Holland

Ashes Holland introduces his song 'Existential Crises'.

From Radio NZ National Music on 27 Jun 2015

IMNZ: Renee Jones

Departing IMNZ staffer Renee Jones has been with the company for over a decade, defending the rights of independent musicians. She reflects on her tenure.

From Radio NZ National Music on 27 Jun 2015

IMNZ: Dylan Pellett

Zac Arnold talks to IMNZ Business Development Manager Dylan Pellett about the changes happening at Independent Music NZ.

From Radio NZ National Music on 27 Jun 2015


LA electronic pioneer Daedelus - otherwise known as Alfred Darlington - is famed for his inventive approach to beat building and the eclectic sonic source material he draws into his sample-based productions. He dropped by the Music 101 studio to talk through a handpicked selection of tracks.

From Radio NZ National Music on 27 Jun 2015


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