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These Hopeful Machines

Creating music on computers

James Gardner traces a personal path through the evolving world of electronic music.

Beyoncé's 'Formation'

Beyoncé's 'Formation' video screen grab

Beyoncé Knowles, arguably the most powerful woman in entertainment, has released a new single, complete with a charged political message.

Masta Killa – Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan's Masta Killa talks to Sam Wicks about the workings of his unpredictable rap collective.

He Ara Pūoro

A Pathway of Song

A Pathway of Song: Richard Nunns plays the many traditional Māori instruments in his collection.

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Ahead of their WOMAD 2016 appearance, Nick Bollinger speaks to Calexico's Joey Burns about what inspires their eclectic sound.

From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Feb 2016

Introducing: Felix and Jack

Felix and Jack present their song 'Femalen'.

From Introducing on 13 Feb 2016

Poor You Poor Me

Auckland's Poor You Poor Me thought they'd lost their debut album in a fire, but incredibly, it rose from the ashes, as they explain to Zac Arnold.

From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Feb 2016

Kamasi Washington

Los Angelean saxophonist, composer and bandleader Kamasi Washington talks to Sam Wicks.

From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Feb 2016

Analog Africa

Trevor Reekie talks to Samy Ben Redjeb, the crate digger behind Analog Africa.

From Access All Areas on 13 Feb 2016

Chronophonium 2016

We head to the fifth incarnation of the DIT (Do It Together) music festival, held this year on Lake Ngatu, 15 mins north of Kaitaia. Emma Smith joins the dozens of volunteers, music makers and festival-goers in the Winter-less north.

From Radio NZ National Music on 13 Feb 2016

NZ Live - Jackie Bristow

Our New Zealand Live guest today is the Southland singer-songwriter who's made a name for herself in the Southern United States. Her name is Jackie Bristow and she's a blues, country and Americana singer who originally hails from Gore. These days she's usually based in Los Angeles but she's back in New Zealand right now and about to start a tour to promote her new album, Shot of Gold.


From New Zealand Live on 12 Feb 2016

Kate Tempest Live at Kings Arms

South East London poet, spoken word and hip hop artist Kate Tempest performs at Auckland's Kings Arms.

From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Feb 2016

Introducing: Strange Stains

Strange Stains introduce their track 'Subterranean Insides'.

From Introducing on 06 Feb 2016

The Internet

Odd Future-affiliated soul outfit The Internet talk to Sam Wicks.

From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Feb 2016


DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith speaks to Emma Smith about the slippery poetry that shaped their new album, Is This Is Are, and the influence of krautrock. 

From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Feb 2016

Oscar Key Sung

Zac Arnold catches up with Melburnian Oscar Key Sun at Laneway 2016.

From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Feb 2016

Vince Staples

Northside Long Beach native Vince Staples talks race and rap.

From Radio NZ National Music on 06 Feb 2016

NZ Live - Debbie Harwood and Shona Laing

Quintessential Kiwi rockers Debbie Harwood and Shona Laing join us in our Auckland studio, performing something of a precursor to their show in Hawke's Bay next weekend - and another at Auckland Zoo, of all places, two weeks after that. The duo are among a handful of women who created the musical background to our lives during the '70s, '80s and '90s, and are among the most accomplished musicians in the country.

From New Zealand Live on 05 Feb 2016

Introducing Hartebeest

Hartebeest introduce their track 'Bassparty'

From Introducing on 30 Jan 2016

Purity Ring

Half of Canadian duo, Purity Ring, Megan James shares their latest stage set-up with Emma Smith, ahead of their 2016 Laneway appearance.

From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Jan 2016

Mac DeMarco live at Flying Out Records

Mac DeMarco performs all the hits in Flying Out's carpark.

From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Jan 2016


David Farrier and Rodi Kick on composing the score for feature film Tickled.

From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Jan 2016

Low - No Comprende

Alan Sparhawk introduces 'No Comprende' from their 2015 album, Ones and Sixes, ahead of Low's 2016 shows in Wellington and Auckland.

From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Jan 2016

Astro Children

Mille Lovelock of Dunedin duo, Astro Children talks literature, feminism and One Direction, and shares insights into the band's new EP, Plain and Fancy Killings.

From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Jan 2016


Guitarist and recording engineer, Tom Healy, tells Emma Smith about III, the final EP in the triology of bedroom project turned four piece band, Paquin.

From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Jan 2016


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