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  • Nowhere Festival 2014 ( 11′ 14″ )

    Over a head-spinning five days, over 50 acts performed at the Audio Foundation's Nowhere Festival - a celebration of sonic adventurers - in Auckland. Kiran Dass was there.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • Introducing - Barnaby Greebles ( 6′ 38″ )

    Barnaby Greebles introduces his song A Death.

    From Introducing on 22 Nov 2014

  • Tom Scott's guide to Melbourne ( 30′ 35″ )

    It's been a year since @Peace and Home Brew frontman Tom Scott moved to Melbourne, keen to make some noise in the Australian music scene while staying close to home. For a progress report on the moves he's making and the city he's making them in, Melody Thomas jumps the ditch to experience Melbourne through Scott's eyes.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • Trust Punks - Discipline ( 15′ 3″ )

    Alexander Coker Grant and Lliam Powell of Auckland's Trust Punks on their debut album Discipline, and the intense imagery that accompanies it.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • Delaney Davidson in Session - Swing Down Low ( 20′ 49″ )

    Returning home after a long stint overseas, Lyttelton troubadour Delaney Davidson drops into the Music 101 studio, with bandmates Ben Wooley and Joe McCallum to play songs from his latest album Swing Down Low.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • The Rolling Stones - Behind The Scenes ( 6′ 43″ )

    The Rolling Stones rock and roll circus is back in town tonight, as Mick, Keef, Charlie and Ron roll out 52 years of hits at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium. Ahead of the concert, we head backstage for a production walk-through hosted by Dale Sjersseth, the Stones' production manager.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • The Sampler: Sly Stone ( 10′ 49″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews a compilation of Sly Stone's minimal electro-funk experimentations entitled I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-1970.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • Spandau Ballet - Soul Boys Of The Western World ( 15′ 7″ )

    Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley and Martin Kemp talk to Trevor Reekie about their career, from being posterboys of the New Romantic pop culture movement in the late 70s, to their acrimonious fall out that saw the band face off in court, and eventual reunion.

    From Access All Areas on 22 Nov 2014

  • NZ Music Awards Ceremony 2014 ( 15′ 47″ )

    The New Zealand Music Awards at Auckland's Vector Arena hosted a field of contenders led by Lorde, Sol3 Mio, Ladi6 and David Dallas. Henry Oliver braves the schmoozing and boozing to report back on New Zealand music's annual night on the red carpet.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Nov 2014

  • Hurray for the Riff Raff in session ( 16′ 31″ )

    Hurray For The Riff Raff are a contemporary folk band from New Orleans, led by Bronx-born, Puerto Rican singer and songwriter Alynda Lee Segarra. On the afternoon of their first performance in New Zealand, Segarra and fiddle player Yosi Perlstein stopped by Radio New Zealand's Auckland studios to play a couple of songs and talk to Nick Bollinger about their music and their message.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Nov 2014

  • Optimo ( 23′ 59″ )

    JD Twitch and JG Wilkes of long running Glasgow DJ duo Optimo talk with Simon Wallace ahead of their debut New Zealand performance.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Nov 2014

  • NZ Live - The Eastern ( 34′ 46″ )

    Christchurch band, 'The Eastern' on New Zealand Live today - just back from touring Europe and on the road for eight months.

    From Afternoons on 21 Nov 2014

  • The Eastern - Postcards From The Road, Stewart Island ( 19′ 33″ )

    Big hearted road warriors The Eastern send us an audio postcard from their 'Territory' tour - this week from Stewart Island, where they meet the locals and find out what it means to be an Islander.

    From Featured Audio on 15 Nov 2014

  • Aldous Harding Live At The Crystal Palace ( 25′ 3″ )

    When Nick Bollinger turned his ear to the haunting tones of Lyttleton singer-songwriter Aldous Harding for The Sampler, he commented on her singular vocal which "shifts the air with rarefied grace". When Harding shifted the air of the Crystal Palace Theatre in Auckland for a one-night only appointment, Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston was there to record her bewitching set, which saw her backed by guitarist Simon Gregory.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 15 Nov 2014

  • Fazerdaze ( 10′ 26″ )

    Fazerdaze's Amelia Murray finds elegance in simplicity with a foundation of bass, drums, and layered guitars both clean and distorted. Anthonie Tonnon talks with Fazerdaze about her debut EP, and her instinctive approach to finding a sound.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 15 Nov 2014

  • Bunnies on Ponies ( 14′ 8″ )

    When The Phoenix Foundation's Sam Scott was laid out with a back injury, he became re-inspired by the albums of his teen years - The Breeders, Weezer, and Dinosaur Jr amongst them. He and his band talk about stripping back the sound and recalling youthful exploits.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 15 Nov 2014

  • Hunters & Collectors ( 12′ 10″ )

    When they called it a day in 1998 after nearly two decades together, Melbourne's Hunters & Collectors was a multi-platinum selling band, with a ferocious live reputation, and a catalogue of songs that continue to resonate in Australia's musical landscape. The 1998 line-up have reformed for a handful of shows in Australia and New Zealand. Trevor Reekie talks Hunters & Collectors vocalist and lyricist Mark Seymour about the career of one of Australia's most iconic bands.

    From Access All Areas on 15 Nov 2014

  • Introducing - The Kaleidescopes ( 6′ 6″ )

    The Kaleidoscopes introduce their new song Cross Street.

    From Introducing on 15 Nov 2014

  • Greg Churchill on Soane ( 13′ 16″ )

    We pay tribute to the much loved DJ and producer Soane who passed away this week.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 15 Nov 2014

  • Brooke Fraser Session ( 18′ 35″ )

    Brooke Fraser joins us in the Music 101 studio with new songs from the album Brutal Romantic.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 15 Nov 2014

  • NZ Live - Mat Enright ( 39′ 26″ )

    Wellington musician Mat Enright joins us live in the Wellington studio.

    From Afternoons on 14 Nov 2014


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The Ukulele

Ukulele CC BY SA Arent

As our Pacific paradise heads towards more tropical weather we focus on the humble ukulele.

in The Secret Life of The Ukulele Musician Karl Steven investigates the toddler of stringed instruments, exploring its past, present, and future, with particular attention to its unique place here in the South Pacific.

In Global Sounds - Ukuleles Megan Collins explores all the places this most-travelled instrument has ended up.

The ubiquitous instrument has made something of a comeback here in recent years, in large part due to Play it Strange Trust CEO Mike Chunn's campaign to replace the recorder with the ukulele as the first instrument taught in schools. Here Mike Chunn and some young friends play the ukulele live on Nine to Noon.

Ukulele lessons in the Radio New Zealand collection include:

Music 101's Kirsten Johnstone has an on-air ukulele lesson with Mike Dickison, author of Kiwi Ukulele.

Standing Room Only's Lynn Freeman joins the Wellington Community Choir's ukulele class.

A  combination ukulele and Te reo Māori class at Hau Ariki Pa in Martinborough.

The Ukulele is a community-friendly instrument, and on any given weekend, you will most likely be able to find a ukulele band or even a ukulele orchestra playing somewhere.

In Thames Stewart Taipari teaches the Ukulele and is a founding member of Ukes on Fire.

Palmerston North recently had a festival dedicated to the little instrument, with concerts, church services and even an art exhibition.

and in Christchurch's New Brighton, a suburb that's been a little down on its luck after the quakes, the Friday night ukelele jam keeps the community humming.

The New Zealand Ukulele Festival takes place in late November in Auckland.


The beauty of the Uke is that it is relatively easy to learn, and sounds great in a group. Here are some performances from our collection

WIUO with Kim Hill Sat Nov

Kim Hill was joined by the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra who played some favorite tunes and shared photos of their recent tour of China and Japan.

Dent May from Mississippi charmed us with his showmanship and gorgeous voice at Camp A Low Hum 2010.

Auckland band The Nukes play a session for NZ Live on Afternoons with SImon Mercep

San Franciscan Uni and her Ukulele spend a day chasing rainbows and unicorns around Auckland.

Canadian uke master James Hill and cellist Anne Davison play for Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon.

Beyond music, the Ukulele's place in popular culture includes children's stories like Iris’s Ukulele by Kathy Taylor and art  such as 30 Ukulele 30 Artists where artists transformed instruments for an exhibition in Northland.