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  • The Clean ( 17′ 47″ )

    The Clean's Hamish and David Kilgour and Robert Scott are just finishing up a run of North American shows. Gemma Gracewood met up with the trio during their New York stop to talk about their three respective solo albums, which were all released in quick succession.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 30 Aug 2014

  • NZ Live - Linzee Inkster ( 36′ 57″ )

    Though initially a reluctant performer, with a bit of arm twisting we were successful in persuading her, and so today on New Zealand Live we are happy to reintroduce you to Linzee Inkster. Today performing with a band - Linzee and the Leaf Blowers - play music from her debut album "Love Blood".

    From New Zealand Live on 29 Aug 2014

  • The Sampler: Mirel Wagner ( 8′ 50″ )

    Born in Ethiopia, and raised in Finland, Miril Wagner's lyrics and cadence are chilling, with bare bones accompaniment. Nick Bollinger takes a listen to Wagner's first album for Sub Pop, When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • Tiny Ruins Live at The Crystal Palace ( 25′ 10″ )

    When Tiny Ruins' Hollie Fullbrook and band performed songs from her critically acclaimed album Brightly Painted One at the Crystal Palace, a disused movie theatre on Mt Eden Road in Auckland, demand for tickets saw a queue line up around the block. Radio New Zealand engineer Andre Upston was on deck to capture the performance, ensuring Music 101 listeners a front row seat.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • Little Bark ( 11′ 24″ )

    By day Sophie Burbery is a mild mannered synthesiser enthusiast; by night she is Little Bark, otherworldly purveyor of electronic pop. Matthew Crawley speaks with Burbery about the forthcoming Little Bark album USB, her synth collection, and her love of all things Phil Collins.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • Hanson ( 10′ )

    We talk with Isaac Hanson about keeping his band of brothers together for twenty years and turning their love of craft beer into a brew of their own- Mmmhops.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • OMC - The Story of How Bizarre ( 17′ 58″ )

    OMC's How Bizarre, co-written by the late Pauly Fuemana and producer Alan Jansson, topped the New Zealand charts, then repeated this success in Australia, Ireland, South Africa and Austria, as well as making the Top 10 in eight other countries. The story of OMC has been made into a documentary, directed by Stuart Page which gets its first screening on Māori TV on Monday (25 August). Trevor Reekie talks with Page, producer and co-songwriter Alan Jansson and Simon Grigg from huh! Records about OMC's global success.

    From Access All Areas on 23 Aug 2014

  • Introducing - Open ( 7′ 17″ )

    Open, with War Criminal, from their album Chasing Returns.

    From Introducing on 23 Aug 2014

  • Yumi Zouma ( 10′ 32″ )

    With members spread across three continents, Yumi Zouma have to try harder than most to find time to rehearse. We check in with Yumi Zouma, at home for rare New Zealand shows.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • Broods - Evergreen ( 12′ 59″ )

    We cross-examine the Nelson-born brother and sister of Georgia and Caleb Nott amidst a busy release schedule that sees them drop their Joel Little-produced debut album Evergreen one continent at a time.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • Trinity Roots - Haiku ( 15′ 46″ )

    Much loved Wellington band Trinity Roots are back with their first new recording in a decade. We speak to songwriter Warren Maxwell about Haiku.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 23 Aug 2014

  • Womad 2014 Live : Tim Finn, Mokoomba ( 53′ )

    A second set of performance high-lights from Tim Finn where he goes back in time to the first Split Enz album; and Zimbabwe's finest musical export Mokoomba, who deliver an electrifying set that confirm their reputation as 'Zimbabwe's next generation of hope'.


    From Radio NZ National Music on 22 Aug 2014

  • Broods - NZ Live ( 39′ 55″ )

    New Zealand's Georgia and Caleb Nott have positioned themselves as one of the fastest rising new acts to emerge during the second half of 2013.

    From New Zealand Live on 22 Aug 2014

  • The Sampler - Benjamin Booker ( 13′ 6″ )

    23 year old New Orleans-based Benjamin Booker has just released his debut album, which fuses blues, punk, and garage rock - Nick Bollinger finds out more.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 16 Aug 2014

  • Audiophilia: The Secret Life of Audiophiles 2 ( 24′ 56″ )

    "High fidelity" means being true to an original acoustic event; recreating music that is exactly as it sounded when it was recorded. In Audiophilia, Julie Hill talks to sound system, hi-fi and speaker makers passionate about doing justice to the tunes they love: Ron from south London and his majestic Sputnik speakers; Bostonian boat builder Toby Shaugnessy and his giant horns, 50s retro raggamuffin Marty Vital's big bass and the man whose speakers made Rodney Hide cry.

    From The Secret Life Of on 16 Aug 2014

  • Into the Void ( 11′ 31″ )

    Bruce Russell calls them the "Christchurch artists drinking club", but they prefer art metal. We talk with Into The Void guitarist Jason Grieg and director Margaret Gordon about the Into The Void documentary, which premiers at the NZ Film Festival in Christchurch this week.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 16 Aug 2014

  • The Sampler - Beach Pigs, Grom Warfare ( 6′ 29″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews a summer-themed set from Auckland indie-rock quartet Beach Pigs.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 16 Aug 2014

  • INXS - Never Tear Us Apart ( 17′ 15″ )

    When the stadium-filling Australian pub rockers INXS lost their charismatic frontman Michael Hutchence in 1997, the band played on, taking on a handful of fill-ins before launching the search for a new singer through a reality television show. Now defunct as an outfit, INXS's Tim Farriss and Kirk Pengilly tell Sam Wicks why they initially chose to soldier on.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 16 Aug 2014

  • Introducing - Times x Two ( 5′ 15″ )

    Times x Two with their song Get Me Some Mon'.

    From Introducing on 16 Aug 2014

  • CEO - Wonderland ( 10′ 17″ )

    Plenty of musicians have run record labels but few have integrated that job into their music making persona as clearly as Eric Berglund. Eric spoke to Shaun D. Wilson about the label, covering Kanye West, and the album Wonderland.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 16 Aug 2014

  • Kimbra live in session ( 20′ 23″ )

    Hamilton born singer-songwriter Kimbra releases her long-awaited second album around the world this Friday. Kimbra is joined in studio by two of her band mates to perform unique versions of songs from The Golden Echo.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 16 Aug 2014


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The Clean

The Clean Aug crop
The Clean, August 2014. Photo: RNZ/Gemma Gracewood.

Music 101 hears from The Clean's Hamish and David Kilgour and Robert Scott about their recent solo albums (one each).

Here is a selection of words and music by The Clean from the Radio New Zealand back catalogue:

The Clean - Live at The Kings Arms

Songs include: At The Bottom, Two Fat Ladies, Wipe Me I'm Lucky, Flowers, In The Dream Life U Need A Rubber Soul, Getting Older, and Tally Ho. 2012

The Clean's Bob Scott

talks about The Clean's first studio album in eight years, 'Mister Pop', and his other band The Bats. From September 2009.

NZ Live - David Kilgour

A session of songs from the album Left by Soft with The Heavy Eights. From 13 May 2011.

Robert Scott

A member of both The Clean and The Bats, Bob shares details of his solo album Ends Run Together, and The Weeds LP. From September 2010.

The Clean - Boodle Boodle Boodle Extended Play

The Clean's first EP was in the NZ charts for almost a year, and is now considered a classic. Hear the stories behind the songs, recording, and artwork, told by David Kilgour, Hamish Kilgour, Robert Scott, and original bassist Peter Gutteridge; alongside Boodle engineer Doug Hood, Label manager Roger Shepherd and others. Cheers to 95bFM for sharing!

Flying Nun Records part 1 - Anything Could Happen

Flying Nun Records started documenting the South Island music scene in 1981. The Clean were among the first bands recorded, and the success of their early music financed the fledgling label's growth.

Flying Nun Records part 2 - Getting Older

Flying Nun runs as a cooperative, with profits spent on new recordings. Lessons are learnt about contracts and initial international forays.