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  • Don't Lose This by Pop Staples ( 5′ 51″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews the last recordings of the late Pops Staples.

    From The Sampler on 03 Mar 2015

  • What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World by The Decemberists ( 7′ 58″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews an unusually concept-free set from The Decemberists.

    From The Sampler on 03 Mar 2015

  • Electric by Richard Thompson ( 14′ 34″ )

    Nick Bollinger talks to guitar hero and WOMAD 2015 headliner Richard Thompson.

    From The Sampler on 03 Mar 2015

  • Splore 2015 ( 12′ 27″ )

    It's been hailed by many artists as the most beautiful setting they have ever played at, and after years of being a biennial affair the environmentally conscious music and arts festival Splore is now an annual event. Situated on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park near Auckland, Splore hosts a plethora of local and international artists who bring their sounds to a crowd of more than 6000. Among them for Splore 2015 was Music 101 correspondent, Mani Dunlop.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 28 Feb 2015

  • The Return of The Pop Group ( 15′ 05″ )

    Formed in Bristol in 1977, The Pop Group was at the forefront of the post-punk movement, carving out an influential niche for themselves that has seen them name dropped by the likes of Nick Cave, Primal Scream and Massive Attack.

    From Access All Areas on 28 Feb 2015

  • Mount The Air by The Unthanks ( 14′ 05″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews a symphonic folk opus from The Unthanks.

    From The Sampler on 24 Feb 2015

  • I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty ( 9′ 40″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews the Laurel Canyon redux of Father John Misty.

    From The Sampler on 24 Feb 2015

  • Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance by Belle and Sebastian ( 8′ 40″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews a disco-tinged set from Glaswegian popsters Belle and Sebastian.

    From The Sampler on 24 Feb 2015

  • Supermensch - The Story Of Shep Gordon ( 14′ 34″ )

    Shep Gordon managed an eclectic bunch of artists that included Alice Cooper, Anne Murray, Groucho Marx, Teddy Pendergrass and many more. He's also credited with creating the 'celebrity chef' phenomenon. Shep's career has recently been documented in a new movie directed by Mike Myers called Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. Trevor Reekie caught up with Shep to talk about the movie and his career.

    From Access All Areas on 21 Feb 2015

  • Introducing Lipgloss Slumberparty ( 5′ 21″ )

    Lipgloss Slumberparty introduces his song Spacevox.

    From Introducing on 21 Feb 2015

  • The Secret Life Of Karaoke ( 21′ 48″ )

    Music 101's Zac Arnold investigates how Karaoke has weaved its way from Japan into all corners of the globe, delving into the psychology of why we perform in front of each other, and takes to the private booths to sing his heart out.

    From Featured Audio on 21 Feb 2015

  • Woodcock Festival ( 11′ 54″ )

    Founded by Austin Cunningham and his promotion company, Tauranga Music Sux, the Woodcock Festival is an annual celebration of the local D.I.Y. scene. Frank Eggleton, on the bill with his band, Kittentank, took a microphone along to record the day's festivities.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Feb 2015

  • A Place To Bury Strangers ( 10′ 48″ )

    After The D4 disbanded in 2006, guitarist Dion Lunadon (Palmer) hightailed it to the US, finding his flow in the downtown New York rock scene. His new band, A Place To Bury Strangers have just released their fourth album, Transfixiation. Dion tells Emma Smith about pushing through thresholds of noise and chaos on this latest album.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Feb 2015

  • Splore 2015 live cross ( 4′ 52″ )

    Music 101 reporter Mani Dunlop is live from Splore 2015.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Feb 2015

  • Weird Together ( 10′ 30″ )

    Globetrotting producers and DJs Nick D and Dick 'Magik' Johnson are Weird Together, a worlds-colliding collaboration that sees the production duo and their international band of players rework their favourite strains of global dance music, riffing on the sounds of Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Ahead of their World Together festival at Auckland's Silo Park on Saturday 28 February, Weird Together talk to Sam Wicks about their United Nations approach to the dance floor.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Feb 2015

  • Perfume Genius in New Zealand ( 10′ 29″ )

    Seattle's Mike Hadreas, a.k.a. Perfume Genius is in the country for shows this weekend - Emma Smith catches up with him.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 21 Feb 2015

  • NZ Live - Melting Faces ( 39′ 02″ )

    Our New Zealand Live guests hail from Wellington and go by the intriguing name of Melting Faces.

    From Afternoons on 20 Feb 2015

  • Music 101 Pocket Edition 27 ( 52′ 13″ )

    Mesa Cosa "kiss the fish", orbiting beats and internet soundscapes with Tlaotlon and King Missile IV live in session.

    From Music 101 on 17 Feb 2015

  • King Missile in Session ( 17′ 18″ )

    Led by poet, songwriter, author and intellectual property analyst John S. Hall, King Missile blazed a trail in the early 90s and then again in the early 00s, gaining a reputation with their smart, snappy alt-rock. Ten years later, the fourth incarnation of the band have made their way to New Zealand - they join Zac Arnold in the studio to play new tracks and discuss their legacy of oddities.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 14 Feb 2015

  • The Secret Life of Love Songs ( 22′ 17″ )

    Why are good love songs so difficult to write? Is there such a thing as a pure, untainted love song that won't leave some cringing? Or is Nick Cave right when he says, "A love song is never truly happy. It must first embrace the potential for pain?" This Valentine's Day, Anthonie Tonnon talks with Tami Neilson, Tom Scott, Anika Moa and Great North's Hayden Donnell about committing love to tape.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 14 Feb 2015

  • Ruth Moody in session ( 22′ 21″ )

    Canadian folk/roots singer and songwriter is best known for her work with all-female trio The Wailin' Jennys. She's also a solo artist, and in New Zealand to play one show. We persuaded her and her band to play a couple of songs for us live in the studio.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 14 Feb 2015

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  • Zac Arnold talks to Slash on Music 101, then Nick Bollinger talks to Richard Thompson, Sam Wicks talks Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron, Trevor Reekie gets the scoop on the return of The Pop Group, Mani Dunlop reports on Splore 2015 and we see inside the secret life of music therapists

  • In The Sampler Nick Bollinger reviews an unusually concept-free set from The Decemberists, the last recordings of the late Pops Staples and talks to guitar hero and Womad headliner Richard Thompson

  • Auckland Arts Festival review: Neneh Cherry, Water and Light, and Hikoi

  • Auckland Arts Festival review: Tafelmusik, Pass the Gat, and BLAM!

  • Auckland Arts Festival review: I AM, Limbo, Phox

  • Auckland Arts Festival review: Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary gallery presents: Model World, A Delicate Balance and IOIOIOIOIOIO, Lake Street Dive and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet


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The Correspondents ands Music reporter Mani Dunlop at Splore
The Correspondents and Music 101 reporter Mani Dunlop at Splore 2015.

With one of the most beautiful settings for a music festival, Splore is devoted to music, art, culture and community, staged at the stunning Tapapakanga Regional Park, Coromandel.

The Radio NZ Music team has covered the festival since 2008, and you can cruise through our interviews and images in the Radio NZ Splore collection