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  • Ha The Unclear ( 12′ 9″ )

    Ha the Unclear's Michael Cathro has overseen a long migration with his project - from Dunedin where he started the band under another name, to Cork, Ireland, and finally to Auckland. The migration has now become a stepwise one - his formerly Dunedin-based bandmates are currently working at a produce farm in The Bay Of Plenty as they prepare to move to Auckland. Fellow member of the Dunedin diaspora Anthonie Tonnon chatted to Michael recently about Ha The Unclear's first studio album.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • The Sampler: Country Funk II ( 5′ 40″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews a collection of funky late 60s - early 70s country music from the likes of Kenny Rogers, Townes Van Zandt, and Dolly Parton.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Myele Manzanza's Tour Diary ( 18′ 40″ )

    When world renowned Detroit DJ and producer Theo Parrish led a live band across an expansive European tour for the first time in a decade, he assembled a collective of musicians and dancers from around the globe. When Myele Manzanza got the summons to come all the way from New Zealand to play drums, he knew it was a chance of a lifetime. Manzanza documents his travels in this tour diary.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Jakob - Sines ( 17′ 19″ )

    Hawkes Bay's Jakob have a lot of peaks and troughs - both in their sound, and their career as a band. Their first new album in eight years, Sines, arrives this week, and it's been a journey fraught with setbacks, but also dotted with high points - Jakob join Kirsten Johnstone to talk it over.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Musical Robots ( 11′ 31″ )

    We head to an exhibition which combines sonic arts and electrical engineering.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Introducing - Arcee ( 5′ 19″ )

    Arcee, with her song The Cool Zone, from the EP of the same name.

    From Introducing on 18 Oct 2014

  • Chelsea Jade Metcalf ( 9′ 53″ )

    Dream pop proponent Chelsea Jade Metcalf has dropped her Watercolours moniker, but the soft-focus edges of her ethereal R&B remain. She talks us through her new EP Beacons.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Liam Finn- This Love Is Crying ( 12′ 17″ )

    Liam Finn on working with Arthur Russell collaborators Peter Zummo and Ernie Brooks on Red Hot + Arthur Russell.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Tim Lawrence on Arthur Russell ( 27′ 49″ )

    Biographer Tim Lawrence reflects on the life of the New York music pioneer Arthur Russell on the release of a new Red Hot compilation of his work.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 18 Oct 2014

  • Introducing: Holly Arrowsmith ( 5′ 11″ )

    Queenstown's Holly Arrowsmith with Spring, from her EP River.

    From Introducing on 11 Oct 2014

  • Ryan Bingham live in session ( 36′ 5″ )

    Best known for co-writing the Golden Globe and Oscar winning song 'The Weary Kind' with T Bone Burnett from the Crazy Heart soundtrack, Ryan Bingham joins us for a live session ahead of his show in Auckland this Saturday night.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • Yumi Zouma Tour Diary ( 21′ 17″ )

    Convinced they would always be a long-distance band creating music via the internet, the members of Yumi Zouma were surprised to find themselves in so much demand this year that they needed to tour. They document the European leg of the band's first world tour.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • Flying Nun 90s reissues ( 21′ 13″ )

    The dream of the 90s is alive in Auckland- Superette's Ben Howe and Andrew Gladstone of Garageland reflect on four Flying Nun reissues from the 1990s.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • Emily Edrosa ( 10′ 29″ )

    On a difficult road to Street Chant's second album, Emily Edrosa overcame writer's block and internet addiction. She talks about her new self-recorded and self-released EP.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band ( 12′ 10″ )

    How a youtube clip captioned "Mind-blowing Psychedelia from Thailand" piqued the interest of L.A. producer Josh Marcy, leading him to a remote Thai village to record Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band.

    From Access All Areas on 11 Oct 2014

  • The Selecter ( 8′ 56″ )

    We talk with Pauline Black, front person for Coventry 2 tone group The Selecter, celebrating 35 years together with a New Zealand tour.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • The Sampler - C.W. Stoneking ( 14′ 40″ )

    C.W. Stoneking is a Melbourne based musician who makes blues/calypso/boogaloo as if the last 60 years never happened. Nick Bollinger speaks to this enigmatic character ahead of his NZ tour.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • Martin and Eliza Carthy ( 11′ 53″ )

    English folk royalty Martin Carthy and daughter Eliza are heading over for the 50th Wellington Folk Festival - we speak to them about the family business.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 11 Oct 2014

  • NZ Live - The AGM ( 40′ 11″ )

    Acoustic roots band AGM join us in Auckland for New Zealand Live.

    From Afternoons on 10 Oct 2014

  • The Sampler - Alt J (9.48) ( 9′ 47″ )

    Nick Bollinger reviews the second album from Mercury Music Prize-winning British indie rockers Alt-J.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 10 Oct 2014

  • Nick D - Digging in the Carts ( 11′ 46″ )

    Broadcaster, producer and DJ, Nick Dwyer aka Nick D joins Nick Atkinson to talk up his latest endeavour, a documentary called Diggin' in the Carts. It's a web series that hunts down the personalities behind early computer game music, a genre that's proved remarkably influential for a generation of artists around the world who grew up with those infectious 8-bit melodies.

    From Radio NZ National Music on 04 Oct 2014


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Supergroove and Nick Atkinson

Nick Atkinson during the Supergroove Crosstown Revue used with permission crop

Nick Atkinson on stage with Supergroove, courtesy of Auckland Live Music.

The Auckland band was announced as the 2014 music legacy award winner this week, and will be inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame in November.

Visit our Supergroove collection.

It's a big week in Radio New Zealand music land for another reason too. Supergroove member, music reporter, reviewer for Afternoons and host of The Music Mix, Nick Atkinson leaves Radio New Zealand today after four and half years, during which he has produced many radio features, some of them award winners. Here is a selection:

Rock 'n' Roll Caravan

In the first story Nick Atkinson made for Radio New Zealand National Music, he boards the Rock'n'Roll Caravan tour as Supergroove criss-cross the country with Elemeno P, (and later Shihad). Armed with only his horn and a Radio New Zealand recorder, Nick presents a tour diary charting the adventures of this musical behemoth and providing an insight into the hard-rockin' life of two of the countries hardest working bands.

Herbs NZ Music Hall of Fame Induction - Silver Scrolls 2012

Seventeen past-and-present members of Herbs were inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at the Silver Scroll Awards. Nick Atkinson was there soaking up the atmosphere, as Che Fu reminisced over growing up with this unique local reggae band.

Silver Scrolls 2013 Awards Ceremony

Nick Atkinson takes you backstage to talk to winners including Lorde's co-writer Joel Little, some of the other nominees for best song of the year, and Dave Dobbyn who was inducted to the APRA Music Hall Of Fame. Hear performance highlights from the night, and witness musical director Godfrey De Grut make last-minute tweaks to a choir and jazz orchestra.  - Winner of 'Best Recorded Live Music Event' for Nick Atkinson & Andre Upston at the 2014 Radio Awards.

Auckland: Just Another Cowboy Town

Nick Atkinson saddles up and explores a Friday night in the Queen City. From release parties in Ponsonby to hoedowns on K Rd. Dodging ques and covers bands in between, Nick encounters some of the characters and personalities who partake of the Auckland nightlife.

Trevor Thwaites - A Day in the Life for Musical Chairs

On a sunny day in 1991, New Orleans brass band 'The Dirty Dozen' marched down Queen St. Watching from a bus stop, with a crowd of his keenest music students, was Dr Trevor Twaithes, world class drummer, inspiring music teacher, and head of the Selwyn College Music Department.  Nick Atkinson invites Dr Trevor Thwaites to look back on what was a pivotal day in the musical development of several well known local musicians.

Dirty Dozen Brass Band

They've been parping and honking for 35 years so long-time fan Nick Atkinson tracked down band-leader and trumpet player Gregory Davis at his home in New Orleans, on one of his rare days back from touring. The Dirty Dozen spare-headed a brass band revival in the city, but don't think these fellows are dull old traditionalists. As local trumpet player Tim Stewart said "the level of funk they achieve is high".

The Secret Life of Saxophonists

Nick Atkinson heads into the urban wilds of Auckland to discover more about the curious and sometimes reclusive species: the Saxophonist. Their natural habitat is a dark home studio packed with horns and synths. They frequent noisy nightclubs and often retreat into stylistic corners as they grapple with complex and vexing musical problems.


Jol Mulholland releases his first solo album before jetting off to New York.

Andrew Keoghan in Session at Roundhead

Andrew Keoghan is a Cantabrian musician who has teamed up with a diverse range of instrumentalists in his new home near Mt Eden in Auckland. The band is ensconced in Roundhead studios with recording engineer Andre Upston. The session is presented by Nick Atkinson.

The Jam Bus

The Jam Bus is a 'Play It Strange' initiative that sends a mobile recording studio - complete with an engineer and producer - to schools, where budding young musicians have the opportunity to record their very own pop songs. Nick Atkinson went to meet the young talent at some Auckland schools - Remuera Intermediate and Red Hill Primary.


Nelson duo Broods have recently signed a worldwide deal with Capitol Records in Los Angeles. It's a big jump from winning the Rock Quest in Hamilton as The Peasants two and half years ago. Nick Atkinson visited the brother and sister duo, Caleb and Georgia Nott, at Golden Age Studio where they recorded their EP with Lorde co-writer and producer Joel Little.

Musical Chairs featuring Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter have just raised a glass to an opal anniversary. After 14 years in the business, they've signed to a major label with the hope of cracking Australia, a territory that's always been challenging for the dance-music power house. Music Mix producer Nick Atkinson visits tattoo parlours, venues and record company offices to see one of the country's most successful acts at work and play.  - a Radio Awards finalist.