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Best of the Week - 3 July 2015

12:00 PM. Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 3 July. This week.....water rights and democracy in Canterbury; speaking out about government inaction on climate change; the technology that allowed a generation to commit the same crime; the art of dental technology; we travel back to 1958 for the opening of the new Hermitage; studying the well to do in Manhattan; what finding salt on Mars tell us; the future of the Christchurch Arts Centre; Flaxmere hip hop artist Tipene Harmer and Spectrum meets the Friday Girls who are taught stitching and quilting skills inside prison.

Best of the Week - 26 June 2015

12:00 PM. Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 26 June. This week..... does current affairs have a place on commercial TV; From Africa to Aotearoa - collecting DNA to find where we come from; the young Aussie devoting her life to the protection of sharks; visiting Taihape's new mosque; refighting the Battle of Waterloo; wooden pallets being recycled; celebrating the QE II National Trust; boxing and Cuba and Dave Dobbyn heads to Wellington for Phoenix Foundation production.

Best of the Week - 19 June 2015

12:00 PM. Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 19 June. This week..... the TV cop shows taking over our screens; brain training to slow the progression of neuro-degenerative conditions; the award winning Kiwi producer on making good television in Britain; learning how mitochondria could fight disease; the female publican recalling 50 years of pulling pints; how the Christchurch rebuild turned a barista into a builder; protein post exersize may help your diabetes; Sunday Morning debates euthanasia; South Auckland's Groovehouse Records' secrets to success and Don McGlashan performs his latest song.

Best of the Week - 12 June 2015

12:00 PM. Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 12 June. This week..... can NZ afford the increasing cost of superannuation; should people convicted of serious crimes be free to talk to the media; the impacts of climate change for the marine environment; the Daughterhood - exploring mother-daughter relationships; betablockers - what they do and how they're prescribed; the history of contraceptives in NZ; visiting the Radio Reading Service in Levin; should we become renters with houses prices out of reach for a generation of Kiwis; getting colour film of domestic life here for a TV series; why men wore codpieces and Music 101 talks to balladeer Bill Morris.

Best of the Week - 5 June 2015

12:00 PM. Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 5 June. This week..... calls for a regional growth plan; media reaction to the demise of Campbell Live; what it means to be a New Zealander when you're abroad; searching for our ground crawling native short-tailed bat; as the wall came down in 1989 a Kiwi finds himself being an accidental Berliner; the social advantages of riding a bike - visiting a school with funding for the Bikes in Schools programme; a corrupted life in Russia; viewing Einstein's brain; the Irish surfing champ teaching Iranian women to surf and the Hawai'i high school with its very own haka.

Best of The Week 29 May 2015

12:00 PM. We hear from This way Up how to beat iron deficiency with a simple ingenious device, from Saturday Morning Kim Hill interviews Clive James following the release of his latest poetry collection, Mediawatch asks why Prince Harry's female fans preoccupied many in our media during his recent visit, Master Waka Carver, Maori leader and an authority on Polynesian and Maori celestial navigation Hec Busby from Nine to Noon, explaining the art of duck calling as heard on Afternoons and more.

Best of the Week - 22 May 2015

12:00 PM. We hear from Sarah Chayes an expert in kleptocracy, anti-corruption and civil-military relations and author of 'Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security' speaking on Saturday Morning, from Nine to Noon two Wellington medical researchers who are preparing the ground for clinical human trials for their promising cancer immuno therapy, our Spectrum documentary this week takes us back 50 years to the construction of the Benmore Dam, we find out asbout a 70s photo exhibition and a new documentary on social housing, This Way Up explores age prediction websites and more.

Best of the Week - 15 May 2015

12:00 PM. We hear from a science writer and a former editor for Nature magazine who's written most recently about invisibility, Mediawatch talks to a journalist who's investigated how some papers in the UK illegally acquired private information, our structural relationship with cement and concrete, we hear about the New Zealand Film Commission's project to digitise Kiwi feature films, Kathryn Ryan talks to a longtime fixture on the art, film and media scene also known for his work on the artist Len Lye, Afternoons finds out what really happens upstairs and downstairs in a large English estate, Spectrum visits Wellington's waterfront plaques and inlaid benches with quotes from some of New Zealand's finest writers and more.

Best of the Week - 8 May 2015

12:00 PM. We go for a ride in Steve West's Tesla Model S electric car, one of only six in the country, Mediawatch reports on the backlash against dissent and disrespect on ANZAC day, Kim Hill talks with the leader of the team who were the first in the world to scan the brains of volunteers under the influence of LSD, Dunedin's Kane Strang presents his official debut collection of heavy hearted psychedelic pop songs from Music 101, our Voices programme talks with infamous rags to riches property magnates and brothel owners The Chow Brothers, British comedian Nish Kumar talks stand up and plays some of his favourite comedians on The Laugh Track, Dilbert comic strip creator Scott Adams from Nine to Noon, we hear from a rock icon complete with gothic makeup, guillotine and hangman's noose from Sunday Morning, Nights talks to a scientist compelled to prove the moon innocent of anything odd that happens to humans, Spectrum re visits an Auckland home bought in 1972 by a group of radical feminists espousing women's rights, Our Changing World meets Tasmanian Devils at Wellington Zoo and an Air Force work horse is about to be silenced as the RNZAF says goodbye to the last of it's Iroquois helicopters.

Best of the Week - 1 May 2015

12:00 PM. some interviews from our Anzac Day coverage including an ineractive App which gives visitors to Gallipoli a full and informative experience, Ponytailgate - reaction to a political story that surged to the top of the news agenda here - and was widely reported overseas, the changing definitions of cowardice, Dame Alison Holst speaks of her early days in television in the mid 60's, a women's rights campaigner on misogyny in the Arab world, reducing methane emissions from livestock, we head to the Venice Biennale, and poet Sam Hunt with a track from an album with David Kilgour and the Heavy8's.

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