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Best of the Week - 24 June 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 24 June. This week..... a leading campaigner for voluntary euthanasia shares his story of how watching his father die led him to his views, the campaign to boost the number of refugees to this country, the clean up of thousands of toxic waste sites is dropped as a priority by the government, plans by Sky TV to merge with giant telco Vodafone, media Entrepreneur and founder of the Huffington Post on the value of a good nights sleep as a key to success, the photographer who is an activist against denigration of fat people, we go to Kapiti Island to look for the endangered North Island Kokako, the annual Garden Bird Survey turns ten this year, a dance company that performs amazing vertical routines on sky scrapers, a mystery novel set in Wellington's bohemian Aro Valley,and the much loved song Poi E is the subject of a new film.

Best of the Week - 17 June 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 17 June. This week..... John Key's recent visit to Fiji draws attention to the fact some journalists are not welcome there, a new auto race is underway: to build cleaner, cheaper and even self driving cars, a navigation game thats helping with dementia research, how New Zealand businesswoman and philanthropist Katherine Corich became a global entrepreneur , we hear from the founder of the iconic music label flying Nun, should we wash ourselves so often, research on the effect of pesticide on bees, the work of Anna Marbrook - an award winning director and creator of theatre, film and television, and choreographer/dancer and poet Jahra Wasasala on what influences her creativity.

Best of the Week - 10 June

12:00 PM.This week...Media theorist, professor, from Queens Birthday graphic novelist Douglas Rushkoff on how the digital economy failed to live up to its promise and how we could still fix it, an economics scholar weighs in on the housing crisis on Nights, Sunday morning tackles the pros and cons of tobacco taxes, Insight looks at the future of work, a new chapter has been added to the story of the 2003 discovery in Indonesia of the diminutive hominin species Homo floresiensis, Nine to Noon looks at how to sort your digital footprint before you die, Mediawatch asks the question - are the media too much in love with themselves? a startling discovery of how bumble bees can navigate, an insight into hospice care from Te Ahi Kaa, Kim Hill talks sexuality and prostitution with the retiring co-ordinator for the New Zealand Prostitutes' Collective in Christchurch, Ladyhawke Sees The Light on Music 101, and a Pianist and Vegetable Guru on Country Life.

Best of the Week - 3 June 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 27 May. This week... two high profile journalism leaders announce they're going into business together, we hear from the author of 'Lemmy The Definitive Biography' about Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, three new names in New Zealand music to watch out for, the science of the movie Interstellar, what to do with 800 million dollars worth of good food that goes to waste in New Zealand each year, we hear from a leader in the compassionate healthcare movement, should parents use the 'controlled crying' method of letting babies cry themselves to sleep? we meet the photographer/curator who is looking at Northland's colonial history with fresh eyes, the problem solving skills of New Zealand's native forest parrot, the Kaka, the stories of Nazi Hunters told in a new book and the significance of 3500 year old cuneiform texts in the Otago Museum from Nights.

Best of the Week - 27 May 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 27 May. This week.....the life of the working poor in the United States, the media are now reaping the benefit of people revealing all on social media, growing tensions in the road versus rail debate in Northland, what its like working for five winters in Antarctica, how space weather affects earth, we join a farrier at work, an interview with one of the most successful jazz pianists in the world ahead of his first show here, the wierd world of competitive tickling, and the music created by the Eiffel Tower .

Best of the Week - 20 May 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 20 May. This week.....where you live in this country could be critical to your chances of getting skin cancer and surviving it, a moving interview with an author who'se written her last book while dying of melanoma-related brain cancer, are employers doing enough to embrace a workforce thats getting dramatically older, a damning report on decades of under reporting on fish catches in our waters, the Panama Papers back in the headlines after a team of New Zealand journalists scanned the raw data, how rail fatalities affect the other victims - the train drivers themselves, the big risks of space debris, a new geological period marked by our impact on the planet, the fascinating history of bananas, Hungarian refugee and pianist Lili Kraus who toured remote rural areas and contributed to this country's cultural scene over many years.

Best Of The Week - 13 May 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 6 May. This week... Kim Hill with a British novelist who's latest book is a "cover version" of Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale, Mark Weldon's departure from Mediaworks dissected, a Princeton-based NZ composer talks about sexism in the industry, Ghanaian hip-hop, and her newfound love of the mbira, the revival of taonga puoro or traditional Maori musical instruments, what can be done to get New Zealand businesses a better trade deal with China? the challenges facing Maori in the health system today, we hear about two rural awareness campaigns that could save lives, is social media ruining outdoor adventuring? we hear about Waikato Museum's current exhibition "Te Whaanau Maarama - The Heavenly Bodies", a royal albatross chick thats been getting a lot of attention lately and a Jazz pianist and vocalist talks about her new album and an anxiety disorder that prevented her from even touching a piano.

Best of the Week - 6 May 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 6 May. This week.....Scholar, activist and political theorist Noam Chomsky talks about politics, society and the death of the American dream, can the experimental new funding model social bonds help New Zealand's most vulnerable? Mixed messages and home truths in the media on soaring house prices, the global effects of the world's increasing population, the French doctor instrumental in founding Doctors without Borders who's also a successful novelist, mechanical doping - professional cycling's latest way of cheating, the genetic impacts of crop domestication, marine archaeologists find the wreck of the Endeavour, the politics and music of Unity Pacific's Tigilau Ness .

Best of the Week - 29 April 2016

12:30 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 29 April. This week..... we remembered those who served in world wars on ANAZC day morning and RNZ National also reflected on the battles which shaped history here in Aotearoa, the biggest name in newspapers and online news is now doing twice-daily TV-style news bulletins, but are they eating TV's lunch? how is Fiji coping two months after Cyclone Winston? the founder of local music mag 'Rip It Up' reflects on the career and musical output of Prince, we hear from a Hillsborough stadium survivor and chairman of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign following an inquest concluding this wek that the victims were unlawfully killed, a profile of Rotorua fashion designer and boutique fashion seller Adrienne Whitewood, why we sleep badly when we travel, we meet British concert pianist, writer and television presenter James Rhodes and poetry while you wait.

Best of the Week - 22 April 2016

12:00 PM.Highlights from RNZ National's programmes for the week ending Friday 22 April. This week..... media coverage on the issue of banning beggars from our city streets , an expose on poverty and housing in the United States, what's working and what's not in educating children with special needs, the work of a rural adult literacy trust, the use of anti-depressants is skyrocketing in New Zealand, the thrill of poring over maps, we have some laughs with comedian Rhys Darby, a live performance by Dave Dobbyn and his band for world record day , a documentary on the life of a New York heiress who was a true renaissance woman, and a tribute to Sir Noel Coward.

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