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  • Best of the Week - 24 April 2015 ( 1h 30′ 33″ )

    12:00 The director of the Security Intelligence Service warns more people are being monitored because of their links to Islamic State, an Internet entrepreneur claims the internet has had a disastrous effect on our lives, is bankruptcy the only realistic option for dealing with a student loan, the legal and commercial issues around surrogacy, Birch Hill Ride honours the horses who left New Zealand for World War One, the fascinating work of a bear whisperer, the group Herbs are honoured at this years Taite Music Prize.

  • Best of the Week - 17 April 2015 ( 1h 35′ 34″ )

    12:00 This week..... the ethics of spying within New Zealand, the much-hyped launch of the new Paul Henry news show, The Family of Twelve - a group of New Zealand wineries working together, a blind runner and her world champion running guide take on the London marathon, studies into the active volcanic field Auckland is built on, a native forest trust celebrates the release of its 200th reared Kiwi chick, crackers made from spent grains used in beer making, and making it rain on stage for the musical Singin' in the Rain.

  • Best of the Week - 10 April 2015 ( 1h 36′ 23″ )

    12:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 10th April. This week.....a long-serving reporter voices fears about journalism going digital, the demand and continuing unmet need for elective surgery, the filmmaker who went in front of the camera to explore the impact of a 40-teaspoon daily diet of sugar, eating only food presented as healthy, the challenges facing aid workers in some of the world's worst conflict and disaster zones, developing ways to detect new designer steroids used in sports doping, the growing popularity of cider in this country, a New Zealander who'se taught many stars of stage and screen in London has a book out offering tips to would be actors.

  • Best of the Week - 3 April 2015 ( 1h 35′ 11″ )

    12:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 3 April. This week.....Insight looks at China's engagement with Pacific nations; Morning Report turns 40; how Maggie Thatcher helped a young gay Scottish man coping with an abusive life; regenerating an estate for manuka honey bees; Herbie Hancock on being the father of hip hop; trials to research our blood flow; The Good Wife's Eli Gold aka Alan Cumming on his violent upbringing; the travelling husband and wife veterinary de-sexing team; we hear about the waterski racing champs and recalling the great and dark days of cricket past with JR Reid

  • Best of the Week - 27 March 2015 ( 1h 33′ 18″ )

    12:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 27 March. This historic win for the Black Caps in the Cricket World Cup; media reaction to the sacking of X Factor judges; the Panel discuss the St Bede's rowing story; the realities behind the War on Drugs; the current thinking on taking your full prescription of antibiotics; working to combat systemic rascism in the US; searching for one of our most at-risk seabirds - the Black Petrel; The Sound of Thunder - a gathering of BEARS pay homage to motorbike inventor John Britten and what's good eating at WOMAD.

  • Best of the Week - 20 March 2015 ( 1h 31′ 52″ )

    12:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 20 March. This the media coped with the announcement of a potential poisoning threat to infant milk powder; food spies - protecting us all; exploring the impacts of digital weapons; central government's new Auckland management; understanding and rewriting our past through modern science; revisiting the chase to find moa on the West Coast; 48 hours of mind-altering drugs in Ireland; the deadly mating rituals of spiders; actor Alan Rickman - Causing Chaos; and highlights from WOMAD Taranaki.

  • Best of the Week - 13 March 2015 ( 1h 34′ 59″ )

    12:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 13 March. This week.....the media reaction to Teina Pora's Privy Council decision to quash his convictions; the factual errors around the movie about mathematician Alan Turing; the women who worked at Bletchley Park during the second world war alongside Alan Turing; Marilyn Waring on celebrating women's achievements or lack of them on International Women's Day; African immigrants searching for traditional foods in NZ; canine hydrotherapy - getting dogs back up to speed; hooves pounding black sand at the Karekare Beach races; the art of reed boat building Maori-style and the thrills of building and flying model planes.

  • Best of the Week - 6 March 2015 ( 1h 23′ 19″ )

    12:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 6 March. This week.....a dying woman lobbies for reforms on assisted dying; Stephen Hawking's first wife on why she allowed a film verison of her life with her famous ex-husband; the popularity of cricket in Afghanistan - the only sport allowed by the Taleban; consumer testing apps for the blind; music to help new Kiwis make friends and help their English; the eagle rays lurking in Wellington's waterfront lagoon; the bicycling storyteller collecting tales of water and climate change around the world; the magic of Chinese shadow puppets and rock guitarist Slash answers questions.

  • Best of the Week for 27 February 2015 ( 1h 33′ 57″ )

    12:00 This week.....a Syrian analyst and expert on ISIS says a decision to send New Zealand troops to Iraq to help in the fight against Islamic State will not go un-noticed, A radical new theory suggests that our heartbeat could be responsible for Alzheimer's disease, New figures show police are making little progress in their battle to prevent domestic violence, the furore in the media over the movie Fifty Shades of Grey, A new study finds that two thirds of smokers will die from a smoking-related illness, we go to Mead Stream Gorge - is one of New Zealand's geological wonderlands, the sublime talent of singer songwriter Marlon Williams, and a size diversity activist who believes the pursuit of happiness is not size dependent.

  • Best Of The Week - 20 February 2015 ( 1h 27′ 21″ )

    18:00 Highlights from Radio New Zealand National's programmes for the week ending Friday 20 February. This week..... we hear from a journalist who six years ago this month raised questions about the case against Mark Lundy, what happens when a big American studio insists on doing some major tampering with your movie?, standup veteran and QI panelist Alan Davies with Wallace Chapman on comedy and performing ahead a series of gigs in July, Nights tries to find out if Marx is still relevant, Country Life takes us to a commercial produce market in Chennai India where New Zealand apples are on sale, a 140 year old family hat business that's still going strong from This Way Up, a war reporter who was shot at point blank range in Afghanistan - her story from Nine to Noon, Our Changing World takes us to bare, remote, wind-swept rocks that are seabird heaven, Music 101 asks 'why are good love songs so difficult to write'? and more.