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Evening business for 1 July 2016

5:33 PM.News from the business sector, including a market report.

Midday Markets

12:24 PM.For the latest from the markets we're joined by Don Lewthwaite at First NZ Capital.

Australian views on Brexit

12:20 PM.And the Brexit vote is also being felt in this part of the world. As our correspondent in Sydney Jim Parker reports, there are some positive and negative comments coming out of Australia.

Businesses advised to sharpen their NZ brand image

12:18 PM.An international consultancy and accounting firm, KPMG, says businesses would do well to focus on sharpening their New Zealand-brand image, as a key attribute in an increasingly competitve international market.

Creditors out of pocket after Woosh Wireless collapse

12:17 PM.Administrators have pulled the plug on Auckland-based broadband operator Woosh Wireless.

Markets Update for 1 July 2016

8:32 AM.A brief update of movements in the financial sector.

Morning markets for 1 July 2016

6:58 AM.Global sharemarkets stronger - as the dust settles on Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

Chief execs worry about cyber threats, market volatility

6:56 AM.A global survey of chief executives of companies shows cyber threats, disruption to their businesses, and the shape of the next three years loom large in their thinking.

Little to choose between parties in Australian election

6:54 AM.Australia goes to the polls tomorrow and it seems there's little to choose between the two main contenders in an economic sense at least.

New land withholding tax could hold nasty surprises

6:52 AM.While it's designed to target off-shore homeowners or investors, an accountant is warning a new land withholding tax could hold nasty surprises for people here as well.

Business confidence at a six-month high

6:50 AM.Business confidence is at a six-month high pointing to an acceleration in economic growth.

Early Business News for 1 July 2016

6:20 AM.A brief update of movements in the financial sector.

Evening Business for 30 June 2016

5:35 PM.News from the business sector including a market report.

Business briefs

12:26 PM.Mobile charitable payments company, Pushpay Holdings, says it has hired an American investment bank to raise 30-million US-dollars to support its growth strategy. .

Midday Markets for 30 June 2016

12:23 PM.For the latest from the markets we're joined by Angus Marks at First NZ Capital.

Property market is expected to continues to strengthen

12:21 PM.A couple of surveys have found commerical property investors and residential property buyers expect prices to continue to rise, particularly in the main centres and regions with increasing population and high tourist numbers.

Building consents may have hit a plateau

12:20 PM.As you may have heard in the news, the number of building consents fell marginally last month.

Marlbourgh Wines Estates debutes on the NXT

12:18 PM.The wine maker, Marlborough Wines Estates Group, becomes the fourth company to list on the New Zealand stock exchange's NXT market, with this morning's debut.

Kathmandu's share price rises with better profit expectations

12:17 PM.The share price of outdoor clothing and sporting goods retailer, Kathmandu Holdings, rose almost 16 percent this morning, after it lifted its full year profit guidance by almost 14 percent.

Markets Update for 30 June 2016

8:31 AM.A brief update of movements in the financial sector.

Morning markets for 30 June 2016

6:58 AM.Markets have picked themselves up and dusted themselves down, bargin hunters, authorities making calming noises in Tokyo, Beijing, end of quarter book squaring.

Auckland's water company says no problem meeting growth

6:56 AM.Auckland's water company says it can cope with the infrastructure needs of the housing and construction boom in the city.

FMA hones in on insurance advisors

6:54 AM.The Financial Markets Authority is training its sights on insurance agents with questionable practices and says prosecutions could follow.

Hellaby says business transformation is well underway

6:52 AM.The diversified investment company, Hellaby Holdings, surged more than 7 percent yestrday after it sold a business for a good profit and signalled it remains on the lookout for businesses.

Early Business News for 30 June 2016

6:19 AM.A brief update of movements in the financial sector.

Midday Markets for 29 June 2016

12:25 PM.For the latest from the markets we're joined by Don Lewthwaite at First NZ Capital.

Jim Parker on proposed scaling back of housing tax breaks

12:24 PM.An update from Australia with our correspondent in Sydney, Jim Parker.

Accountants bodies form alliance

12:21 PM.Two accountancy professional groups have formed an alliance to improve their support and resources globally.

FMA casts eye over life insurance sector

12:19 PM.The Financial Markets Authority says it's investigating insurance agents who are trying to profit from needlessly advising consumers to switch policies.

Hellaby sells Equipment Group for $81million, will reduce debt

12:17 PM.The diversified investment company, Hellaby Holdings, is selling its Equipment Group business to a private equity fund.

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