The Panel

Friday 4 September 2015, with Jim Mora

The Panel pre-show for 4 September 2015

3:45 PM. Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.

Panel Intro

4:10 PM. What Panelists Steve McCabe and Simon Pound have been up to.

The Panel with Simon Pound and Steve McCabe (part 1)

4:10 PM. Why are Syrian refugees not heading to the Gulf states?; and the secret list of shoddily-built schools.

The crisis in Syria

4:12 PM. Al Gillespie of the University of Waikato tells us why Syrian refugees aren't seeking refuge in the Gulf States.

The Shoddy Schools list

4:20 PM. The government isn't giving much away about schools which are leaky and mouldy. The president of HOBANZ John Gray joins the Panel.

Giving way to cyclists

4:35 PM. Patrick Morgan of the Cycling Advocates Network joins the Panel to talk about if bikes and cars can ever co-exist in peace.

The Panel Says

4:40 PM. What the Panelists Stev McCabe and Simon Pound have been thinking about.

The Panel with Simon Pound and Steve McCabe (part 2)

4:40 PM. Giving way to cyclists and the cycling lobby, and giving birth with the aid of a dolphin midwife.

Dolphin midwives

4:50 PM. A pregnant woman in Hawaii plans on giving birth in the ocean - with a dolphin. Zoologist Liz Slooten tells us if dolphins have any special midwifery skills.