The Panel

Friday 24 October 2014, with Jim Mora

Audio from Friday 24 October 2014

  • The Panel pre-show for 24 October 2014 ( 14′ 29″ )

    15:45 Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.

  • The Panel with Jesse Mulligan and Jane Clifton (Part 1) ( 23′ 44″ )

    16:10 Five of the staff at Auckland airport now earn more than a million dollars a year; a TV ad about breast cancer has had complaints about it dismissed by the Advertising Standards Authority; and Parliament's speaker has ruled that the Prime Minister should have answered a question in Parliament that he didn't.

  • The Panel with Jesse Mulligan and Jane Clifton (Part 2) ( 26′ 40″ )

    16:33 A speech from the CEO of the BNZ Anthony Healy contained what was probably unexpected subject matter - he took an environmentalist tone; and Coconut Oil is high in saturated fat and should not be used as regular cooking oil despite being trendy.