The Panel

Thursday 2 October 2014, with Jim Mora

Rosemary McLeod and Tainui Stephens

Their short thoughts on the very short courses at the wananga, police crime stats, is the burqa intimidatory, fast cyclists, growing old and where the best places are to do that... and also how smell can tell you, they reckon, how old you're going to grow.... do we need to preserve imperial measurements, nay even return to them, and Hong Kong again.

Audio from Thursday 2 October 2014

  • The Panel pre-show for 2 October 2014 ( 17′ 9″ )

    15:43 Your feedback, and a preview of the guests and topics on The Panel.

  • The Panel with Rosemary Mcleod and Tainui Stephens (Part 1) ( 23′ 55″ )

    16:07 Topics - the very short courses in tourism at the wananga and the Warriors caught up in this $6m scandal. Nearly 100 players and staff "completed" a course funded for 18 weeks in just one day. The boss of the Port of Lyttelton has been given a pay rise of 18 percent, which union leaders say is "unjustified and inflammatory". Chief executive Peter Davie's salary is now $1.24 million. A quarter of his staff now earn more than a 100k. Once again the discussion about whether crime really is going down, or whether we just live in the age of tag and release. An Auckland stationery retailer wanted to be able to supply its clients with alcohol.

  • The Panel with Rosemary Mcleod and Tainui Stephens (Part 2) ( 25′ 57″ )

    16:34 Topics - your sense of smell could predict when you'll die, that's the dramatic headline from a new study, and its a pretty respectable study. The University of Chicago. John Herridge a Christchurch truck driver is going to pay more than ten thousand dollars to the family of a cyclist he killed, Sharla Haerewa. He cut across her path on Lincoln Road. From all accounts he showed considerable remorse and attended a hui with the family. John Herridge's lawyer, Mark Callaghan, says his client didn't see Ms Haerewa before the crash because she was in his blind spot. The Australian PM is supporting a bid to ban the burqa from Parliament House on security grounds. There's been a backlash. Mr Abbott said he found the burqa a "fairly confronting form of attire and frankly I wish it weren't worn".