26 Apr 2013

The Week in Review - week ending 26 April 2013

From The Week In Review, 5:12 pm on 26 April 2013

A review of the week's news, including... The anonymous critic who waged an online campaign against the Earthquake Commission who says he's giving up writing his blog and is calling for an inquiry into the way the EQC works, the Justice Minister says it needs to be easier for the police to warn people about convicted killers without breaching privacy laws in the wake of the Jade Bayliss murder trial, the father of Emily Longley says he's relieved his daughter's killer will now have to serve his full sentence, there are fresh signs investors are getting cold feet about buying shares in Mighty River Power, the Labour Party leader David Shearer says the latest political polls show the party's policies are hitting the right mark, the tourism industry has welcomed the way a major funding boost is being divided up, after nearly six decades on display at the National Museum of China, a traditional Maori feather cloak is home for a limited time at Te Papa and ANZAC day has been commemorated around the country and the story of an ANZAC day hymn with a twist.