14 Nov 2011

National Party releases economic plan

9:06 pm on 14 November 2011

The National Party has released a 120-point document which it says proves it does have a plan for the economy.


Leader John Key says the plan complements the party's commitment to get the Government's books back into surplus within three years and to start repaying public debt.

Much of what is in the plan is already part of what National has been doing in Government.

About a quarter of the points are new policy, but most of those have already been announced.

John Key acknowledges that National has released the document in response to criticism it has no plan for the economy.

Mr Key says National has done many things in Government, but often they do not get linked as part of a broader economic strategy.

The plan includes spending on transport, science and research, rebuilding earthquake-hit Canterbury and broadband, as well as making changes to employment law and cutting regulations.