Musicians have two minutes to describe themselves and their song. Time… starts… now.

Introducing: Avoid! Avoid

Avoid! Avoid with their song Achieved, Not Achieved.

Introducing: Scuba Diva

Scuba Diva presents the single "What's the Point"

Introducing Yukon Era

Yukon Era present their single, Vietnam Man.

Introducing: SoccerPractise

Windfall by SoccerPractise. Keep up to date with their releases at practise music.

Introducing: Jim Nothing

Jim Nothing with 'Way That It Goes' from Wurld Series - Split EP

Introducing: Skyscraper Stan

Skyscraper Stan with 'I Fell Over' from the album Last Year's Tune.

Introducing: Kairi

Otago's Kairi with Placid [region] Otago region

Introducing Westley Holdsworth

Temples by Westley Holdsworth

Introducing Triumphs

'Beekeeper' from Dunedin duo Triumphs

Introducing ENOXDIRTY

ENOXDIRTY show their love for Grey Lynn and share their track "Omar (We Like)"

Introducing - ENT

E N T's track T.H.L. from the album Post Traumatic Television

Introducing Mimsy Cable

Mimsy Cable's title track from her LP The Coral Reef

Introducing MOSES

MOSES introduces "Because You Never Know" from their self-titled EP

Introducing Gasp

Gasp's single You Know

Introducing Jessie Cassin

'Slow' from the forthcoming Kin EP by Jessie Cassin

Introducing Commune 84

Commune 84 and their single 'Bolan'

Introducing Mr Amish

'What You've Said You've Seen' from existentially-minded Mr Amish

Introducing - Jono Das

From his Illustration EP, Jono Das introduces 'Ten Things'

Introducing October

October introduces her song 'Voids'.

Introducing Markdown

Please Remove Your Card by Markdown.

Introducing Pesk

Pesk introducing their new song 'Tyranny'

Introducing Womb

Airplane #1 from Womb's debut EP

Introducing New Gum Sarn

New Gum Sarn introduce their song Money Talks

Introducing: Imugi

Imugi introduce their song Dizzy.

Introducing: Sun Blood

Sun Blood introduce the song Nothing New.

Introducing: Wurld Series

Wurld Series introduce the song 'Oh Well'.

Introducing: Aporia

Aporia, talking about his song Pop Plague, for Introducing.

Introducing: Instant Fantasy

Gemma Syme introduces her solo project Instant Fantasy.

Introducing Lipgloss Slumberparty

Lipgloss Slumberparty introduces his song Spacevox.

Introducing L*V*J*

L*V*J*  with HMU for Introducing.

Introducing: Muirs

Masked rapper Muirs, with his song Life Love Octopus for Introducing.

Introducing - Strange Babes

Auckland's Strange Babes, with their song 'Holiday'.

Introducing - Mimi Gilbert

Mimi Gilbert with her song I've Got Love

Introducing: Taste Nasa

Taste Nasa, a.k.a. Leroy Clampitt introduces his song 'I'd Like To Be Your Girl'.

Introducing: Mzwètwo

Mzwètwo introducing his new song Don't Think Twice.

Introducing: Hey Frankie

Jess Palmer introduces her band Hey Frankie, and their song 'Out Of My Hands' from the EP Guess Who.

Introducing - Angelo King and Jono Das

Angelo King and Jono Das, introducing their collaboration The Lion And The Lotus

Introducing - Barnaby Greebles

Barnaby Greebles introduces his song A Death.

Introducing - The Kaleidescopes

The Kaleidoscopes introduce their new song Cross Street.

Introducing - Alexander Wildwood

Mt Maunganui's Alexander Wildwood introduces his single Bad Blood.

Introducing - Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes, with their song Bad Friend, from the EP Bad Friends.

Introducing - Racing

Racing introducing their debut song Carnivilize.

Introducing - Arcee

Arcee, with her song The Cool Zone, from the EP of the same name.

Introducing: Holly Arrowsmith

Queenstown's Holly Arrowsmith with Spring, from her EP River.

Introducing - Bad Blocks

Bad Blocks, introducing their song Turning, from the EP Circulate.

Introducing - Noah Slee

Noah Slee introduces his collaborative song Ruins Beauty, produced by Kitschkrieg.

Introducing - The Violet Ohs

The Violet Ohs, with their song Vent, from their Demos EP.

Introducing: Groeni

Groeni, with their song Rearing, from their self-titled Ep.

Introducing Civilian Sol

Wanaka based producer Civilian Sol, with his song Blinded These Days, featuring Fiona McMartin.

Introducing - Marika Hodgson

Marika Hodgson, introducing her song with Noah Slee - Parallel Love.

Introducing - Open

Open, with War Criminal, from their album Chasing Returns.

Introducing - Times x Two

Times x Two with their song Get Me Some Mon'.

Introducing - Parents

Auckland band Parents, with their song Bored/Boring, from their album Low Life.

Introducing: Fazerdaze

Fazerdaze, with her song Tired Of Waiting.

Introducing - Fu King

Fu King, with their song 'Whatungarongaro Te Tangata Toitū Te Whenua'


Introducing - Midnight Gallery

Auckland Hip Hop outfit Midnight Gallery with their track Memory.

Introducing - Hopetoun Brown

Hopetoun Brown, with their debut recording Demanding Blues.

Introducing - Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings, with their song Blister

Introducing - Tawahinga

Tawahinga, with the song Loosely from his EP Bedcat.

Introducing: Heavy

Heavy, with their song Superbad.

Introducing: Space Bats Attack

Dunedin band Space Bats Attack, with their song DTY.

Introducing: Naram

Naram, with his collaboration with Jah Screechy, 'MC Magic', from the album March of the Gremlins on


Introducing: No Why

No Why, with their song 'Anxious', from the album Weathered.

Introducing - Bailey Wiley

Bailey Riley, with I XL, from her EP IXL EP.


Introducing: Shunkan

Shunkan, with Wash You Away, from her EP Honey, Milk, and Blood.

Introducing: Hans Pucket

Hans Pucket, with their song Fight For Fun.

Introducing: Bleakwater

Wellington band Bleakwater with their song Standard Mean Time, from their self-titled album.

Introducing: Spycc

Spycc, with his song Slow Down, featuring Mahalia Simpson.

Introducing Trip Pony

Trip Pony, with her song Daze, featuring JayKin.

Introducing - Will Wood

Will Wood with the song Four Floors.

Introducing Marla Jean

Marla Jean with the song 'Blackberry' from her forthcoming album Nocturne

Introducing: Eli Driftwood

Eli Driftwood with the song 'Salvadore' March 22 2014

Introducing: The Doubtful Sounds

The Doubtful Sounds with the song 'Number 1 Line' from the album The Pop Album March 15 2014

Introducing: So Laid Back Country China

So Laid Back Country China, with their song Stilldown, from their EP Winter.

Introducing Miss June

Miss June, with their song Pixelated (Curious).

Introducing: Pxlx

Pxlx, in collaboration with Kamandi, with Witchelk.

Introducing: Mermaidens

Mermaidens with their song Stoner Battles from their EP Bones.

Introducing: Death and the Maiden

Death And The Maiden with 'Bioluminescence' 8 February 2014

Introducing: Lontalius

Introducing: Lontalius

Introducing: Yumi Zouma

Yumi Zouma, with their song The Brae from their self titled debut EP.

Introducing: Kane Strang

Karl Strang, with his song Winded, from the album A Pebble And A Paper Crane.

Introducing: Miles Calder and The Rumours

Miles Calder and The Rumours with The Crossing Over, from their EP The Crossing Over.

Introducing : Yolanda

Yolanda, with their song Bats. yolanda/

Introducing: Mavis Gary

Mavis Gary, with the song Candy Darling, from the album Pin Me Up.

Introducing: Team Ugly

Team Ugly, with their song Duck My Sick.

Introducing: Kitten Tank

Kittentank, with their song The Great Escape, from The Spooky House EP.

Introducing - Hollywood Fun Downstairs

Hollywood Fun Downstairs with their song 'Colours of Soho'

Introducing: Paquin

with the song Teather from the 'Teather' EP 17 December 2011

Introducing: Earthworm

Earthworm, with his debut song Magpie.

Introducing: Astro Children

Dunedin duo Astro Children, with Nora Barnacle.

Introducing: Young Tapz

Young Tapz with 'Kings and Queens'

Introducing: Rewind Fields

Auckland band Rewind Fields, with their song Photographs

Introducing: Thee Rum Coves

Thee Rum Coves, with GCSB.

Introducing: Gold Medal Famous

Gold Medal Famous, with Never Be Bored, from their album 100% Pure

Introducing: Timothy Blackman

Timothy Blackman with 'When You Find That Love' from the This Country EP. 7 September 2013

Introducing: Totems

Totems with 'III: Sidpa' from his EP Bardo Thodol

Introducing: Gee Gee

Gee Gee with 'Piety' from the Piety EP. 31 August 2013

Introducing: HDSPNS

HDSPNS with the song 'Awa' from the album Live at Vividism  August 24 2013

Introducing: Melting Pot Massacre

Melting Pot Massacre with 'Migrant and Refuge Solidarity Song from their EP Diaspora. 17 August 2013