Musicians have two minutes to describe themselves and their song. Time… starts… now.

Introducing: Haan808

2:50 PM.Garden City's Haan808 introduces his Sango remix JMK

Introducing: prizegiving

12:15 PM.prizegiving introduce their song 'Vailima'.

Introducing: Maaka

12:45 PM.Maaka introduces his song 'Matariki'.

Introducing: Sere

10:00 AM.Sere introduce their song 'Hazy'.

Introducing: Merk

3:35 PM.This week's Introducing is only a week old. This is Merk.

Introducing Space Above

12:30 PM.Space Above introduce their song 'Shades'.

Introducing Tom Cunliffe

2:00 PM.Alt-country-folk newcomer Tom Cunliffe introduces his song 'There's Your Lord' from his album Howl And Whisper.

Introducing Montell2099

3:30 PM.Montell2099 introduces his track 'Space'.

Introducing SWIDT

2:00 PM.SWIDT introduce their track 'No More Parties In Stoneyhunga.'

Introducing Waterfalls

3:30 PM.Amber Johnson under the moniker Waterfalls introduces us to her song Empty Arms are Kinder

Introducing - How Get

4:30 PM.How Get introduce their song 'Rest'.

Introducing: Embedded Figures

3:45 PM.Dunedin's Embedded Figures introduces her track 'Paradise Lost'

Introducing SPAWTS

3:45 PM.SPAWTS introduce their track 'Happy Monster'.

Introducing File Folder

3:50 PM.File Folder introduce their song 'New Born Bugs'.

Introducing: The Beths

3:40 PM.The Beths introduce their song 'Whatever'.

Introducing Malcolm S

3:30 PM.Malcolm S. introduces his track 'Taboo'.

Introducing: Anthony Lander

3:25 PM.Anthony Lander introduces his track 'Someone Else'.

Introducing Hex

2:30 PM.Hex present their song 'Albatross'.

Introducing: Felix and Jack

3:30 PM.Felix and Jack present their song 'Femalen'.

Introducing: Strange Stains

3:50 PM.Strange Stains introduce their track 'Subterranean Insides'.

Introducing Hartebeest

4:46 PM.Hartebeest introduce their track 'Bassparty'

Introducing Baynk

3:40 PM.Baynk introduces his track 'Could You'.

Introducing: The Naenae Express

3:30 PM.The Naenae Express introduce their track 'Sea Anemone'.

Introducing: Master Blaster

2:50 PM.Master Blaster present their single "Breaking Asimov's Law".

Introducing: Unmap

2:45 PM.Wellington bedroom producer Unmap presents "Luv Songs"

Introducing Yoko Zuna

5:00 PM.Artist: Yoko Zuna Song: One's Cycle ft. Bailey Wiley Composer: Yoko Zuna Album: This Place Here Label: Yoko Zuna

Introducing: Wormstar

2:25 PM.Wormstar presents his song "Better Reasons".

Introducing: Elan Vital

3:45 PM.Dunedin's Elan Vital present their song Albtraum.

Introducing: Beatcomber

3:30 PM.The Wellington-based 5-piece present their single, Twiins.

Introducing: Motte

3:45 PM.Night Flyer by Motte, taken from the album Songs For Movies that you can find at

Introducing: Madeira

3:40 PM.Madeira presents her song 'Let Me Down'

Introducing: Amber Maya

3:50 PM.Amber Maya presents her single 'Shame on Me'.

Introducing: Avoid!Avoid

4:05 PM.Avoid! Avoid with their song 'Achieved, Not Achieved'.

Introducing: Scuba Diva

2:30 PM.Scuba Diva presents the song,'What's the Point'.

Introducing: Yukon Era

3:35 PM.Yukon Era present their single, 'Vietnam Man'.

Introducing: SoccerPractise

2:45 PM.'Windfall', by SoccerPractise. Keep up to date with their releases at practise music.

Introducing: Jim Nothing

3:50 PM.Jim Nothing with 'Way That It Goes' from Wurld Series - Split EP

Introducing: Skyscraper Stan

2:25 PM.Skyscraper Stan with 'I Fell Over' from the album Last Year's Tune.

Introducing: Kairi

2:30 PM.Dunedin's Kairi presents his song, 'Placid' [region] Otago region

Introducing: Westley Holdsworth

3:35 PM.Westley Holdsworth presents 'Temples'.

Introducing: Triumphs

4:50 PM.'Beekeeper', from Dunedin duo Triumphs

Introducing: ENOXDIRTY

2:50 PM.ENOXDIRTY show their love for Grey Lynn and share their track "Omar (We Like)"

Introducing: ENT

3:55 PM.E N T's track T.H.L. from the album Post Traumatic Television

Introducing: Mimsy Cable

4:30 PM.Mimsy Cable's title track from her LP The Coral Reef

Introducing: MOSES

4:50 PM.MOSES introduces "Because You Never Know" from their self-titled EP

Introducing: Gasp

4:45 PM.Dunedin EDM wunderkid Gasp presents the track, 'You Know'.

Introducing Jessie Cassin

2:50 PM.'Slow', from the forthcoming Kin EP by Jessie Cassin

Introducing Commune 84

3:45 PM.Commune 84 share their single 'Bolan'.

Introducing: Mr Amish

3:45 PM.'What You've Said You've Seen', from existentially-minded Mr Amish.

Introducing: Jono Das

3:45 PM.From his Illustration EP, Jono Das introduces 'Ten Things'

Introducing: October

3:40 PM.October introduces her song 'Voids'.

Introducing: Markdown

2:00 PM.'Please Remove Your Card', introduced by Markdown.

Introducing: Pesk

3:00 PM.Pesk introducing their new song 'Tyranny'

Introducing: Womb

2:30 PM.Charlotte Forrester presents 'Airplane #1', from Womb's debut EP.

Introducing: New Gum Sarn

3:50 PM.New Gum Sarn introduce their song, 'Money Talks'.

Introducing: Imugi

3:36 PM.Imugi introduce their song Dizzy.

Introducing: Sun Blood

3:50 PM.Sun Blood introduce the song Nothing New.

Introducing: Wurld Series

3:45 PM.Wurld Series introduce the song 'Oh Well'.

Introducing: Aporia

3:40 PM.Aporia, talking about his song Pop Plague, for Introducing.

Introducing: Instant Fantasy

3:30 PM.Gemma Syme introduces her solo project Instant Fantasy.

Introducing Lipgloss Slumberparty

4:34 PM.Lipgloss Slumberparty introduces his song Spacevox.

Introducing L*V*J*

2:50 PM.L*V*J*  with HMU for Introducing.

Introducing: Muirs

3:43 PM.Masked rapper Muirs, with his song Life Love Octopus for Introducing.

Introducing - Strange Babes

3:00 PM.Auckland's Strange Babes, with their song 'Holiday'.

Introducing - Mimi Gilbert

4:30 PM.Mimi Gilbert with her song I've Got Love

Introducing: Taste Nasa

2:50 PM.Taste Nasa, a.k.a. Leroy Clampitt introduces his song 'I'd Like To Be Your Girl'.

Introducing: Mzwètwo

2:25 PM.Mzwètwo introducing his new song Don't Think Twice.

Introducing: Hey Frankie

4:54 PM.Jess Palmer introduces her band Hey Frankie, and their song 'Out Of My Hands' from the EP Guess Who.

Introducing - Angelo King and Jono Das

3:42 PM.Angelo King and Jono Das, introducing their collaboration The Lion And The Lotus

Introducing - Barnaby Greebles

4:35 PM.Barnaby Greebles introduces his song A Death.

Introducing - The Kaleidescopes

2:55 PM.The Kaleidoscopes introduce their new song Cross Street.

Introducing - Alexander Wildwood

4:35 PM.Mt Maunganui's Alexander Wildwood introduces his single Bad Blood.

Introducing - Dad Jokes

11:00 AM.Dad Jokes, with their song Bad Friend, from the EP Bad Friends.

Introducing - Racing

2:50 PM.Racing introducing their debut song Carnivilize.

Introducing - Arcee

2:50 PM.Arcee, with her song The Cool Zone, from the EP of the same name.

Introducing: Holly Arrowsmith

4:45 PM.Queenstown's Holly Arrowsmith with Spring, from her EP River.

Introducing - Bad Blocks

2:50 PM.Bad Blocks, introducing their song Turning, from the EP Circulate.

Introducing - Noah Slee

3:25 PM.Noah Slee introduces his collaborative song Ruins Beauty, produced by Kitschkrieg.

Introducing - The Violet Ohs

2:50 PM.The Violet Ohs, with their song Vent, from their Demos EP.

Introducing: Groeni

3:47 PM.Groeni, with their song Rearing, from their self-titled Ep.

Introducing Civilian Sol

2:40 PM.Wanaka based producer Civilian Sol, with his song Blinded These Days, featuring Fiona McMartin.

Introducing - Marika Hodgson

3:35 PM.Marika Hodgson, introducing her song with Noah Slee - Parallel Love.

Introducing - Open

2:53 PM.Open, with War Criminal, from their album Chasing Returns.

Introducing - Times x Two

2:48 PM.Times x Two with their song Get Me Some Mon'.

Introducing - Parents

2:50 PM.Auckland band Parents, with their song Bored/Boring, from their album Low Life.

Introducing: Fazerdaze

2:48 PM.Fazerdaze, with her song Tired Of Waiting.

Introducing - Fu King

3:45 PM.Fu King, with their song 'Whatungarongaro Te Tangata Toitū Te Whenua'


Introducing - Midnight Gallery

9:00 AM.Auckland Hip Hop outfit Midnight Gallery with their track Memory.

Introducing - Hopetoun Brown

4:00 PM.Hopetoun Brown, with their debut recording Demanding Blues.

Introducing - Cool Runnings

4:42 PM.Cool Runnings, with their song Blister

Introducing - Tawahinga

3:50 PM.Tawahinga, with the song Loosely from his EP Bedcat.

Introducing: Heavy

2:20 PM.Heavy, with their song Superbad.

Introducing: Space Bats Attack

3:37 PM.Dunedin band Space Bats Attack, with their song DTY.

Introducing: Naram

2:55 PM.Naram, with his collaboration with Jah Screechy, 'MC Magic', from the album March of the Gremlins on


Introducing: Pals

2:45 PM.Pals, with the song 'Pipes'

Introducing: No Why

3:40 PM.No Why, with their song 'Anxious', from the album Weathered.

Introducing - Bailey Wiley

3:20 PM.Bailey Riley, with I XL, from her EP IXL EP.


Introducing: Shunkan

4:40 PM.Shunkan, with Wash You Away, from her EP Honey, Milk, and Blood.

Introducing: Hans Pucket

2:38 PM.Hans Pucket, with their song Fight For Fun.

Introducing: Bleakwater

3:40 PM.Wellington band Bleakwater with their song Standard Mean Time, from their self-titled album.