The Sampler

Tuesday 23 September 2014, with Nick Bollinger

The Sampler for 23 September 2014

EWH Graffiti Lynx
Electric Wire Hustle - Mara TK and Dave 'Taay Ninh' Wright. Photo supplied.

Standing in for Nick Bollinger, Jim Pinckney reviews the retro rock styles of Wildest Dreams, the futuristic kiwi soul of Electric Wire Hustle, Robyn Hitchcock's gentle acoustic strummings and Brian Reitzell's krautrock influenced driving music.

Music Details:

EWH Love Will PrevailArtist: Electric Wire Hustle
Songs: By and Bye, Numbers and Steel, If These Are the Last Days, Blackwater
Album: Love Can Prevail
Label: Every Waking Hour


Wildest Dreams Wildest DreamsArtist: Wildest Dreams
Songs: Rollerskates, Gypsy Eyes, Last Ride, 405, Scorpion Bay
Album: Wildest Dreams
Label: : Smalltown Supersound


Robyn Hitchcock The Man UpstairsArtist: Robyn Hitchcock
Songs: San Francisco Patrol, Comme Toujours, To Turn You On, Ferries
Album: The Man Upstairs
Label: : Yep Rock


Brian Reitzell Auto MusicArtist: Brian Reitzell
Songs: Last Summer, Ozu, Ozu Choral,Auto Music 1, Auto Music 2
Album: Auto Music
Label: : Smalltown Supersound


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