Arts on Sunday

Sunday 29 December 2013, with Lynn Freeman, Simon Morris & Justin Gregory

Standing Room Only has taken over from Arts On Sunday – it has the same team of presenter Lynn Freeman, producer Simon Morris and journalists Justin Gregory and Sonia Sly.

Listener favourites At The Movies and The Laugh Track aren’t going anywhere either. There will though be some new ideas, a broader range of stores and more music, as selected by Simon (of Matinee Idle fame).

The Best of Arts On Sunday 2013

Not all audio is available due to copyright restrictions.

Headland - Sculpture on the Gulf

12:42 PM.Waiheke Island's headland Sculpture on the Gulf outdoor exhibition is now ten years old. And they're celebrating by turning the whole thing upside down and putting the beginning where the end used to be. Justin Gregory talks reversal and reinvention with artistic director Nansi Thompson.

Actor Jed Brophy at the Armageddon Expo

1:27 PM.More than 10 years on the pulp culture festival circuit with long time Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit actor, Jed Brophy. How does he deal with fervent fans - that's if they recognise him from The Hobbit where he's in heavy prosthetics as Nori the dwarf! Get an insight into how conventions work and how Kiwis make them a lot more interesting than just signing autographs.

The voice of the Daleks

1:30 PM.We discover what it takes to be the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen with Nicholas Briggs. He's heading to New Zealand in the Tardis with several previous Dr Who's to make the series' 50th anniversary.

Fire at Maidment Theatre

12:42 PM.The fire at the Maidment Theatre in Auckland saw a number of theatre companies plans go up in smoke. Two shows due to open that week had to be cancelled and a third, Midnight in Moscow by the Auckland Theatre Company, has been forced to look for another venue. With the theatre out of action for now, other shows including more Auckland Theatre Company productions, may be affected. But ATC's Artistic Director Colin McColl told arts reporter Justin Gregory that they have a plan.

British writer Kate Atkinson

2:30 PM.Kate Atkinson talks about her new novel, 'Life After Life', about the TV series based on her detective Jackson Brodie, and how she manages to knit together such complicated multiple plots.

Satire in New Zealand

1:36 PM.New Zealand has a proud tradition of satire and parody, and people in power have always been popular targets. We all remember fondly the Golden Years of McPhail and Gadsby, Fred Dagg and the many Country Calendar spoofs. On Radio New Zealand National, Down The List, has proven to be very popular. But the law that allows satire and parody to do their work is a little fuzzy, if not nonexistent.

Costume designer Michele Clapton

12:45 PM.Michele Clapton, one time fashion designer and musician stylist, has gone on to win Baftas and Emmy nominations for her costumes designs for the TV series Game of Thrones. She's currently in New Zealand so we take the chance to find out more about her creative designs for these and other top TV series.

Poet Courtney Sina Meredith

2:45 PM.Courtney Sina Meredith has quickly made her mark on the New Zealand poetry scene - look out for her first collection, Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick.

The Park Road Post Film Laboratory

12:35 PM.We mark the decommissioning of the Park Road Post Film Laboratory in Wellington after some 70 years in several different guises. But long time employee and now Head of Picture at Park Road Post, Brain Scadden, says film still has an important role to play.

Kilbirnie School Art Festival

1:29 PM.Some of the children of Kilbirnie Primary School discuss how they now see art after an intensive few weeks considering the question "What is Art?". It's part of a school wide art initiative, Art Te Aroha - Kilbirnie School Art Festival. Their perspectives may surprise and will enchant you.

The Royal New Zealand Ballet's 60th birthday

12:42 PM.We celebrate by chatting to three past prima ballerinas who've danced for the company over three different decades: Yvonne Parnell from the 1970s, Kerry-Ann Gilbert from the 80s and Diana Shand from the 90s.

At the Movies for 1 August 2013

8:00 PM.Simon Morris reviews two examples of excess - the latest Marvel Comics extravaganza, The Wolverine, and Farewell To My Queen, a French film about the last days of Marie Antoinette. And New Zealand actress-writer Sophie Henderson talks about her new film, Fantail, funded by the new Escalator scheme.

The Pallet Pavilion

2:44 PM.After a busy summer, Christchurch's Pallet Pavilion has gone into winter hibernation. Being made entirely from wooden pallets, this outdoor performance venue needs watching over to deter vandals and arsonists. So Gap Filler project coordinator Richard Sewell is recruiting volunteers to keep an eye on the place each evening. He tells Justin Gregory it's actually a nice problem to have.

Unlocked Collections

12:48 PM.Hidden treasures in Auckland's art collection are about to go on show. During Art Week Auckland, the Unlocked Collections exhibition allows the public to peek at the private art collections of some of our biggest businesses. Justin meets guide David Hill to take in the impressive display owned by the BNZ on Queen Street.

The Corelli School

1:34 PM.The staff of the Corelli International Academic School of the Arts believe art is at the heart of learning. Operating out of the old Shortland Street clinic in Auckland's Brown's Bay, they dedicate more than 30% of their curriculum to art - and yet frequently top Cambridge International Exam results. Justin Gregory joined them one Friday for their regular lunchtime concert to find out how they do it.

War News - On location

12:40 PM.What does it take to turn Wainuiomata into embattled French fortress town Le Quesnoy in World War One? Lynn Freeman goes on location with the Gibson Group crew, in production with docu-drama series War News, coming to Prime next year.